Analysis Of Head, Heart By Lydia Davis Essay

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    Analysis of “Head, Heart” Lydia Davis’s poem “Head, Heart” chronicles a short, yet meaningful interaction between the entities Head and Heart. Head and Heart have recently suffered an immense loss and feel great distress. In this time of great sorrow, it is Head’s duty to act as consoler to Heart, to comfort Heart in its moment of despair. Davis portrays the entities Head and Heart in such a way that allows the audience to connect with the characters in a manner that allows the reader’s own head and heart to take the place of the characters and feel as they feel. Throughout “Head, Heart,” Lydia Davis induces a great sense of empathy in the reader, causing them to reflect on their own life as they recall similar, personal interactions between…

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    The poem “Head, Heart” by Lydia Davis is short, but has a very powerful message. To me, the author is speaking of a broken heart story. An issue that a lot of people my age struggle with. The main thing that pointed this out to me was the name of the poem, “Head, Heart.” These two things are what people turn to when they struggle with decisions about a relationship. The struggle is that people do not know whether to turn to their heart or to use their head. To me, this poem was about the steps…

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