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  • Fast Fashion Case Study

    Fast fashion is a term used to describe clothing collections that are based on the most recent fashion trends. The fast fashion collections are generally adaption from current high fashion luxury trend. The main advantage of the fast fashion system is its very nature, a fast-response system and that encourages disposability. This is a concept dominated by consumption, fast-changing trends, and low quality; leading consumers buy more clothes because they are affordable but discard these after only one season [1]. The fast fashion companies thrive on fast prototyping, numerous designs, rapid delivery and also the delivered materials are floor ready with a price tag to sell [2], in contrary to the old turnaround time, which will usually take six…

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  • Fast Fashion Essay

    What is fashion? Fashion is continuously changing throughout the years and it's not specifically based on the clothes people wear. Yoganarasimhan (2012) stated, "Fashion, as a phenomenon, is not confined to clothing or accessories. It also plays a prominent role in the success of other consciously consumed products such as electronic gadgets, furniture, and cars" (Yoganarasimhan, 2012, p. 75). This means society is buying products beyond their function and looking for a certain style that goes…

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  • Ethical Issues In Fast Fashion

    the fast fashion industry promotes a culture of obsolescence. Consumers are constantly purchasing and consequently disposing of unwanted textiles. Cline mentions that many “second-hand stores only have about three weeks to a month to sell most of their donated clothes” (Ethical Fashion pg 3). These stores are given too many donations that most of the time they aren’t able to sell the garments they receive. Imagine a neighborhood containing one hundred families. Suppose that each family had about…

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  • Summary: The Fast Fashion Model

    The fast fashion model spreading across the apparel industry is decreasing the lifespan of clothing through the minimization of production time and costs. Because retailers are producing so rapidly, the purchase behavior of consumers is consequently accelerating. The result is a surplus of unwanted items needed to be disposed—whether it be because of a change in taste or lack of quality. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the United States throws away 12.7 million tons, or 68…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Fast Fashion

    Fashion is always changing; month after month companies are coming up with new styles for the upcoming season. Particularly in stores like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21, they come up with fashion ideas and designs week after week. These stores are a part of big business, specifically when it comes to fast fashion. The phrase ‘fast fashion’ refers to designs rapidly move from the runway and into stores in order to have the current fashion trends. Although this seems like a fantastic notion for those…

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  • Documentary Review: Fast Fashion

    distressing view of the consequences of our addiction to fashion. According to this documentary, “fast fashion” is cheap, trendy, and a huge problem. Fast fashion has not only affected the fashion world but also human rights, the environment, the global economy, and the individual psychology. The documentary is effective in wanting to make you change your ways but not so effective in the way it delvers its cold hard facts. The film reiterates what issues most of us americans already know about…

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  • Fast Fashion Industry Analysis

    “Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying” a famous quote by Lucy Siegle. Fashion has been a major theme of this century, and has become a way of individual’s expressing themselves and has turned into a recreational activity, but no one actually thinks about what cost society pays for this. Many clothing items bought in the United States today, happen to be manufactured in other countries. The price of clothing has many effects on the world, and might be cheaper in the US because…

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  • The Fast Fashion Industry: A Case Study

    In today 's global fashion industry, China stands as a "colossus in the field," (Cline, 2013, 164). With its large labor force and high degree of specialization, Chinese factories have sustained the fast fashion industry. However, this bulwark of fast fashion has begun to crack as an "army of consumers" in China have demanded higher pay in order to afford the products they export to other countries, leading to higher apparel prices (Hilsenrath et. al, 2011). In Over-Dressed, Elizabeth Cline…

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  • Zara Fast Fashion Essay

    Page 1 of 3 Zara: Simplicity and FrequencyZara is the largest and profitable fashion brand of Inditex, a multi-national clothing retailer and manufacturer. Zara opened its first store in La Coruna in 1975. The company revolutionized the world of fashion by bringing many collections out each season. They accomplished this by connecting customer demand to manufacturing and linking manufacturing to distribution. Zara set the standard for the fashion industry with its ability to design, produce,…

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  • The True Cost: The Fast Fashion Industry

    sweatshops in Bangladesh and other foreign countries. Many people often forget where their clothes are actually coming from when they see a cheap price tag. Third world countries are having their sweatshop workers being exploited all to fulfill the needs for cheap fashion for Americans and Europeans. Not only does the fast fashion industry have an significant impact on our social world, it also has great effect on the ecological world as well. Theoretical Insight In the documentary, The True…

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