Documentary Review: Fast Fashion

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“Documentary Reaction Paper 2” The documentary offers a distressing view of the consequences of our addiction to fashion. According to this documentary, “fast fashion” is cheap, trendy, and a huge problem. Fast fashion has not only affected the fashion world but also human rights, the environment, the global economy, and the individual psychology. The documentary is effective in wanting to make you change your ways but not so effective in the way it delvers its cold hard facts. The film reiterates what issues most of us americans already know about the clothes we buy, at least to some level, but our deep and compulsive impulses as consumer make it easy and almost necessary to ignore them. Morgan lets us ignore these issues no further, as …show more content…
It details the horrible effects on the invisible people in third world countries who produce the cheap clothing and ultimately pay the price for our “fast fashion”. The film also presented so many negative situations that it wants to make you curl into a fetal position, the two scenes in the film that kind of advocated on behalf of “fast fashion” did not do enough to make you see the positive side of the fast fashion issue. Also almost no solution were presented in the video on to how we can help stop this issue. I did see a lot of discussed topics we discussed in class in the video such as human rights, globalization, and capitalism. Capitalism was attacked almost entirely through out the whole video as Morgan reiterated that “fast fashion” was the cause of the way our economic system works. Human rights were discussed in the film showing the horrible conditions of the workers at the sweat shops and how disposable the employers thought they were, especially in one scene where a Joe Fresh executive says that “they could be doing a lot worser things”. Globalization comes into mind because if it weren 't for globalization maybe these sweatshops would not be an issue and maybe “fast fashion” would cease to exist. Unfortunately, the overall effect is more despair causing than solution based, and the film is thus unlikely to affect the buying habits of consumers who have become addicted to low retail clothing prices, especially to consumers in difficult financial times. However, I do believe the film is moving in the right step towards starting the movement about our ludicrous consumption of clothing and how while it is cheap for us it is not so cheap for the people producing

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