Moral Responsibility And Free Will

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The topic of moral responsibility is a popular debate among philosophers. Moral responsibility and free will are tightly intertwined, making the argument slightly more complicated. Free will is defined in two ways: 1. open choice, which states you choose x freely only if you could have done otherwise, or 2. voluntary choice, which states you act freely if and only if you act voluntarily, without coercion or constraint. Determinism is defined: past events and the laws of nature fully determine every fact of the future so that there is one way the future could be. There are theories to the existence of free will and determinism in our universe and they are defined in two main groups (Incompatibilists and Compatibilists) with sub-groupings in Incompatibilism. Incompatibilist sub-groups include libertarians and determinists, which both follow the open choice definition of free will. Libertarians believe that free will exists, but determinism cannot exist in that same universe. Determinists believe that determinism exists, but free will is not compatible with determinism. Compatibilists, on the other hand, believe that free will (voluntary choice) and determinism can coexist in our universe.

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