Cultural relativism Essay

  • Cultural/Anthrartivism And Cultural Relativism

    atrocities committed during World War II, lists thirty not-legally binding articles, each outlining these intrinsic and inalienable rights. Among these, the following are included: the choice to life, the right to not be a slave, freedom of religion, and the necessity of a primary school education. Anthropology, the field of the study that focuses on different aspects of the individual across both past and present societies, has heavily engaged with the existence of human rights. Social and cultural anthropologists, in particular, facilitate the understanding of human rights as well. Since human rights is such a broad topic, it, like many other things in this increasingly cosmopolitan world, must be contextualized. The method by which one analyzes human rights has a direct effect on his or her understanding of the seemingly abstract concept. Since anthropologists began their intensive analysis of human rights, two central techniques to the field have emerged: a philosophical/liberal procedure and a cultural/anthropological system. Within each of these practices is manifested a deep understanding of the perception and purpose of mankind to one another. The philosophical/liberal approach to studying human rights is more absolute and concrete. Based on tradition, this method is ethnocentric and inherently “Western.” Believing one’s own culture is the proper version is what is to be ethnocentric, and the term “Western,” a sign of modernity and progress, has evolved and has…

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  • Cultural Relativism: The Cultural Differences Argument

    Cultural relativism indicates that what is thought right within one group may be utterly abhorrent to the members of another group, and vice versa. (55) Although, having the same moral codes as a set of rules is not realistic as people live different lives and what works for us will not necessarily work for them. To begin, the standards of cultural relativism will be defined. Next, the importance of differences in cultural morals which will be outlined by the presentation of the Cultural…

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  • Cultural Relativism Case Study

    Question 3. Why is the concept of “work” necessary for us to understand gender relations in cultural context? How does work relate to gender roles and attitudes? Understanding the concept of “work”, gives an idea about how the responsibilities, the control over the sources and the power are distributed between the genders, and how the arrangements such as who works for the survival of the families, who cares for the children, are made. The work is related to and may determine the family…

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  • Ethnocentrism And Cultural Relativism

    Ethnocentrism refers to judging other cultures based on our own cultural standards. The culture which a person belongs to is centered. Other cultures rotate towards it with a sense of inferiority.Xenocentrism and culture relativism both lay at the extremities of ethnocentrism. What could an excess of each cause? Are we limited to any international standard? Is any culture prone to extinction due to any of those concepts? Are we rendering our own cultures isolated and drifting towards belonging…

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  • Example Of Cultural Moral Relativism

    CULTURAL MORAL RELATIVISM Many people claim to be cultural moral relativists without understanding the full breadth, depth and scope of it. In this essay you will discover exactly what cultural moral relativism is and I will present a couple of arguments against it to let you decide if you really are a cultural moral relativist. The attitudes and beliefs behind cultural moral relativism are widely accepted by those who don’t fully understand what it is. If you wonder if abortion is right or…

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  • Essay On Cultural Relativism

    Cultural Relativism in the Workplace Cultural Relativism is “to learn about another people 's perspective, one has to try to overcome one 's own cultural framework.” (Cultural Anthropology, p.39). The is the overall job of anthropologists but can see in other fields of study such as medicine. Many anthropologists have influenced the cultures in which they became involved in by accident. This can be seen in the article “Christmas in the Kalahari” where the anthropologist in integrating…

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  • Cultural Relativism Essay

    Philosophy has an abundance of different topics that are debatable and have been argued throughout history. Cultural relativism is a very interesting and controversial topic in the philosophical/ religious world. To further understand cultural relativism one must first understand the definition. Cultural relativism is the view that different cultures have different moral codes and values; therefore culture is subjective and arbitrary. When given a closer look at cultural relativism we come to…

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  • Cultural Relativism Issues

    The Issues Surrounding Cultural Relativism Everyone is entitled to their own opinion regardless of any outside factors. Opinions are mostly shaped by cultural biases that form perspectives on certain topics or ideas. Therefore, one cannot take another person’s opinion as fact because of the aforementioned aspect of bias that an opinion has. The concept of cultural relativism is key to understanding exactly why these biases form and why cultures develop the way they do. Cultural relativism…

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  • Importance And Importance Of Cultural Relativism

    Since the late 19th century and 20th century, Anthropology has become a growing human science. It is the understanding of human experiences and social evolution that captivate the students of this science. As the field of Anthropology becomes increasingly studied, the tactics and methods of studying groups of people have changed to truly captivate their cultures. During the early 20th century, anthropologist Franz Boas created the term cultural relativity which was defined as, every culture and…

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  • Cultural Relativism And Childrearing Issues

    child abuse, and they should stop what they are doing on their child although it is cultural differences between us and them. One of the ethical area that related to the childrearing issue is cultural relativism. Since childrearing issue became a problem because of the cultural clash, cultural relativism is one way to know the problem closely. In The Fundamentals of Ethics 3rd Edition by Shafer-Landau, the author defines the cultural relativism as "the correct moral standards are relative to…

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