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  • Cruise Ship Reflection Paper

    It was a hot summer day, in the middle of August 2016, when my parents broke the news that we were going on a cruise. We were going on the Royal Caribbean, Liberty of the Seas. As I got out of the car, in the scorching hot weather in Galveston, Texas. I saw the Royal Caribbean ship as well as the Carnival cruise ship. I saw that the Royal Caribbean, Liberty of the seas was a beautiful ship. I was very excited about going on a cruise. As we walked onto the ship, I noticed the ship was elegant and majestic. The Royal Caribbean, Liberty of the seas is a beautiful ship, with multiple different things to like. From the external view the ship, is huge and the movie theatre is so big, that it shows from off the ship. The view of the water slides were amazing with slides spanning into ocean cantilevered on only one edge and riding on those slides was thrilling experience being thrown into ocean in glass slide tubes. When we were setting for sail, we were departing during the sunset, the view was panoramic. The sunset was really pretty and when the ship lights were on ,it was admirable. The ship had rafts on the side, in case of emergency. Another fine craftsmanship of the ship, is that it had name of ship engraved big, bold and cursive on front right corner. Last but not least, the ship has flags-American Flag, Texas Flag, because the port is in Texas, and a Bahamian flag; because it was registered in the Bahamas. Some of the things enjoyed about this trip, was that you get to go to…

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  • Narrative Essay About A Cruise Ship

    spotted the enormous cruise ship. And let me tell you, finding it was not hard. It seemed to be a mile long, dominating most of the Florida harbor! Excitement rose in my body, pushing through my throat, so consequently, I let out a cry of glee! “Come on, Eli!” mom told me, already walking to security with the rest of my family. “I’m coming!” I shouted, running to her, my bag bouncing in my grip. “Put your bags here and we’ll deliver them to your rooms!” a man said, dressed like a modern day…

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  • Carnival Cruise Ship Reflection Paper

    I woke up so excited that I was literally running and jumping up and down around my house. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning! I woke up my parents and my brother and sister to get ready to leave the house and go to Long Beach to board on a cruise ship! The name of the cruise ship is called The Carnival Cruise Ship. I have been on a cruise ship once and it was so spectacular! We loaded our bags in the car to go and have breakfast. After breakfast, we were on the road to Long Beach. The car…

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  • Venice Destination Analysis

    In 2005 - 2006 ,a survey conducted by Venice Terminal Passenger (VTP) and Astoria portuale di Venezia(APV) shown that the average spending of each passengers of the cruise in Venice is €107 each day.(Melanie, 2012) The cruise industry benefited the economy of Italy the most with more than €4.6 billion of direct business impact and over 102000 jobs are about this industry. (Raoul de Forcade, 2015) In Venice, 1 shop out of 6 lives and 33 per cent of the hotel lives are because of the cruise…

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  • Ideal Vacation Essay

    mountains, cruise ships, and lakes. Some vacationers go to the beach for their vacation spot. The average cost for a beach trip is approximately $2,000- $3,000 dollars. The cost may vary depending on what beach location you go to, what time of the year…

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  • Benefits Of Hospitality And Tourism

    Bermuda, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, Hawaii, the South Pacific, and other exotic places for free or huge discounts? If so, you might like a job on a cruise ship. The jobs can pay well too. A cruise ship director makes from $48,000 to $108,000 annually, according…

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  • Royal Caribbean Cruises Case Study

    Royal Caribbean Cruises is a cruise line that offers excursions to destinations all over the world including Alaska, Bahamas, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, and Asia (Oliver, 2016). Royal Caribbean won Travel Weekly Reader’s Choice Award for the best overall cruise line and in the Caribbean for the 13th year in a row. The world’s second largest cruise-line, behind Carnival Corporation and Carnival plc, operates approximately 40 ships with nearly 10,000 berths (Oliver, 2016). This…

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  • Analysis Of David Foster Wallace's Shipping Out

    Wallace’s “Shipping Out” describes the miserable tale of the author on a cruise ship for a week, however, it is actually a commentary on the underlying insidious nature of cruise ships and vacation services. During this period, the author is treated to a multitude of luxuries, including thorough cleaning services, high-class dining, and constant recreational activities provided by the cruise. However, the author grows increasingly unsettled as he realizes the extent the ship’s crew is willing to…

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  • Cruise Tourism Essay

    Cruise tourism is often characterized by the diverse amount of onboard facilities and services, which are used to maximize passenger expenditures. Some of these onboard amenities include theatres, gyms, skating rinks, and rock climbing walls. Though these provide guests with a multitude of experiences, the core of the growth of the cruise tourism sector can be attributed largely to “standardization, simplification and homogenization” (Dehoorne & Petit-Charles, 2011, p. 3). Since the entrance of…

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  • My Senior Trip In Port Canaveral, Florida

    It was a hot and humid 87 degrees. I was in Port Canaveral, Florida getting ready to leave for my senior trip, a cruise to Mexico. There was a total of 60 in our group Students, parents, and siblings. I was all looking forward to a week of great food, relaxing and excursions that were planned. My family had arrived a day early to make sure we didn’t miss our cruise. I hung out by the pool while some shopped, everyone kind of did their own thing. Everyone was anxiously waiting to board…

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