Personal Narrative-My Disney Cruise Vacation

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My Disney Cruise Vacation My most memorial event would have to be when I went on the Disney Cruise Line for a vacation with my family. There were so many fun activities to do while on the cruise. My favorite place to go would be going to the “Edge” room with some new friends. When I came the first day in the game room I did not have any friends, so the first couple of days it was fun, but also boring at some points since I did not know anyone at the time. The other place I enjoyed going to is called the “Vibe”. Being with the Disney characters was a pleasure to have around on the cruise. The Edge is a place where kids and only kids could hang out, make new friends, play various types of games on various types of systems. But if u ever got tired, or over-heated with all the excitement you could always cool off for a relaxing time into a nice relaxing pool. The game room or the Edge would be my favorite place to go to in the cruise. I went there every day while I was on the cruise. The Edge was so cool because it has everything a kid could ever want; it had video games, television, …show more content…
You could not turn a corner without seeing one of them signing autographs or taking pictures. They had all the characters there; Lilo & Stitch, Toy Story, Disney princesses, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald & Daisy Duck, and etc. I took so many pictures with them I came with one thousand two hundred fifty three photos on my phone. The Disney characters are can be really silly, like this one time Stitch took a guy’s hat and started running throughout the ship with his hat while the guy tried to get it back. My favorite time with the Disney characters is when I joined in the conga line and it was so much fun because we wrapped around the whole cruise ship I had a lot of fun on the Disney cruise I had a lot of fun with my family and new friends. I would to go again someday and maybe with my own

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