Personal Narrative: My Third Trip To California

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My 3rd trip to California was probably the best time of my life. My family and I went last year during spring break. We took a 16 hour drive to our hotel, which had a bunk bed where I got to sleep top bunk. That night we got the best Domino’s pizza I ever had. After we ate that we went to bed. Now, we spent 3 days at Disneyland, but i’m only going to talk about my favorite day. That day was the last day at Disney. We left our hotel early that morning where we took a 15 minute walk to Disneyland. When we got through security instead of going into the Disneyland line, we went to the California Adventure park line.
When we got in my mom said,”I’ll go get fast passes for one of the cars land rides.”
“Ok, I’ll take the kids to California
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We're in line, but the wait time is so short if you aren't here soon you’ll have to wait for us to get off.”
“Ok, that’s fine. Just go ahead and ride it. I’ll join you on the next ride through.” My mom texted back. So we continued on in line. The line was so short that it only came to a halt for a couple of minutes at a time, then it would go right back to a slow walking speed. When we got to the front of the line the worker at the attraction told us to go to cart seat 1 and 2. So this meant that my brother and sister got to sit in the very front of the roller coaster car, and my dad and I were right behind them. When we got in, it seemed like no time had passed from when we got in the line, to when we were seated in the ride getting ready for a moment that I would never forget. We waited for about 30 seconds for the workers to make sure everybody was strapped in safely. When the carts then started down this tiny slope to a straight away over the water. I was a mix of scared and excited for the ride. Before the coaster started a voice came from the speakers in the seats.
“Second thoughts, well too late,” it said “Get ready to go in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two,
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We then took a turn and took a drop to gain momentum for the last part of the ride that makes people scream. We took a drop that then lead straight into a giant loop. As we heard the screams of people we then finished the loop and went into a row of bunny hills. After those made our stomachs drop we took the final drop turn mixture, and struck a pose for the camera. The carts then went back to the loading station where we got off and met are mom.
We then spent the rest of the day riding California Screamin about 6 more times. We also bought sour dough bread that was shaped like Mater from cars, when we were in Cars Land. We spent our last day just riding the rides and having a good time. And that was my favorite day in

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