Personal Narrative: We Are Going To Disney !

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“We are going to Disney!” my mother announced at our family dinner. I thought it was going to be just another ordinary family vacation at one of my favorite places. Boy, was I wrong. This was the vacation that would alter the rest of my life. Ever since I was a child, I have loved going to Disney World with my family. We haven’t been there since 2008, so when my mother decided we were going to go last year because I was graduating from Cecil College, I was super excited. My boyfriend had never been there before, which made this trip even more special. I was excited to show him all of my favorite rides and all of the reasons why I love being at Disney. Since there were fifteen of us going, we decided to take the fourteen hour drive down instead …show more content…
The first people we found were my older sister, her boyfriend, and my other younger sister. We decided to stay on the left side of the castle because there was shade there during this time of the day and the weather in Florida at the end of May is no joke! I felt hot and sticky from the sun beating down on me the entire day. My mother texted my sister and I and said she was on the right side of the castle and we should meet her there. This made my sister and I angry because we were finally cooled down from being in the shade and I could no longer feel the sweat dripping from my face. We finally agreed to go to where they were standing once the parade was over. When we met up, my mother wanted to take pictures of all of the couples in front of the castle. I was excited because I wanted a picture with my boyfriend earlier that morning but there were too many people around to get a good one. When it was our turn to get our picture taken, I was goofing around and was posing by myself before my boyfriend made it over to me. At this point I was totally oblivious that there were so many cameras pointed at me; I just thought they were taking pictures of me being goofy. The next thing I knew, my boyfriend was down on his

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