Personal Narrative: The Importance Of Six Flags

Anyone that knows me will tell you that fall is my favorite season. From the vibrant fall colors, to just sitting around a crackling fire with family and friends. I love so much about the fall season. When the air gets cool and crisp, I just cannot help thinking about Halloween and all things frightening. My favorite place is Six Flags, it is a yearly necessity, for lasting memories, great food, and Fright Fest. As far back as I can remember, my family and I have been going to Six Flags. It used to be the perfect place for schools to hold their picnics. Me and my younger sister would wait all year for this. As soon as the school would send out the letter, the pestering would begin. When I was younger, it was the most amazing thing that would happen all year, but as I got older it became something more than I ever imagined it to be. The closer it got to the day of the trip, the more enthusiastic I became. On the night before the trip I was so excited I became restless. My mother would make fried chicken for lunch and pack the cooler with all our favorite foods. My father would pack everything into the …show more content…
And absolutely no place does Halloween quite like Six Flags. Fright Fest, it is the place to go for everything Halloween, thrills, and some spine-tingling chills, believe me and they have it all. The sights and sounds of the spookiest time of year. For five weekends in September and October and on Halloween, Fright Fest comes alive. It is fang-tastic how the park transforms from a sunny summer fun venue, to the place that screams are made of. Every inch of the park is transformed into a Halloween lovers’ paradise. As I approach the entrance and get ready to enter a divergent world. The first thing I notice is a huge ominous pumpkin headed scarecrow hovering over the main entrance. It almost seems as if he is smirking an evil grin, amused that we would presume to even

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