Personal Narrative: Knott's Berry Farm

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“Woohoo!” I said as I zoomed up the roller- coaster tracks. I was at Knott’s Berry Farm with my friends from church. It was my first time going and it was totally awesome. I was really looking forward to going with my church. It was also my first time going to Knott’s Berry Farm without my parents.

It was a Sunday and the 11-13 year olds were getting hot dogs, drinks, and chips ready to sell. The reason we were selling these food items was because we were having a fundraiser so each of us could pay for our ticket, so that we could go to Knott’s Berry Farm. I was kind of disappointed because I didn’t sell that much money during the first service. I was really worried that I wasn’t gonna be able to go, but my sister and my friend Kaylie cheered
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We were going to Knott’s Berry Farm. When we got to the church, I saw that the bus that was taking us, was already there. First, before we got on the bus, we discussed the rules. Then, we were told what teachers’ group we were going to be in. I was in Mrs. Amber’s group with my friends Aariah, Jaylah, Daniella, Tiara, and Sekiya. We finally got on the bus and drove off. Time passed by fast and while we were on the freeway, everyone could see Supreme Scream and we all got excited. Once we got off the bus, we had to walk a little bit because we couldn’t park on the normal parking lot since we rode a bus. At last, we reached the amusement park. When we got through security, and got our tickets we had to wait a little bit for everyone to get through security. Then, we had to wait for the teacher to get back with the tickets. We finally got to split up into our groups and go on the rides we choosed. First, we went on Silver Bullet, my favorite ride, because convinced Mrs. Amber to let us go there first. We also went on Excellerator, the Log Ride, the Dragon swing, Supreme Scream, and …show more content…
We even got to go to Starbucks when we were done. We couldn’t take them on the bus though, so we had to drink them and the get on the bus. I was the last one standing outside the bus because I was taking a while to get done with mine. When I got done, it was time to leave. I was having a wonderful time, but I did miss my sister, mom, and dad. I absolutely love going to Knott’s and I had a great time. The drive back was more calm because everybody was tired. We got back and we were waiting for our parents to come and pick us up. When our mom got back we had to wait to leave because my sister had to use the bathroom. Once she got out, we started saying good-bye to our friends and we headed home. Sadly, our long, fun-filled day was over, but that’s okay because we can come to Knott’s Berry Farm another day and have just as much

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