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  • Gender Differences And Gender Analysis

    girls compliments focus on appearance or passive qualities. Even at an infantile age, society has expectations on what it means to be masculine or feminine. Further, people grow up and enact these behavioral qualities according to how they identify. The term“doing gender” is defined as an individual adjusting their behavior in order to fulfill society’s expectations (Lorber). In order to fully understand this concept further, I looked at the specific behavioral gender differences that take place in a gym. The gym shows the societal beliefs of what male and female should be and encourages false gender differences which promote a limited workout experience for women.…

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  • Gender Differences

    Gender differences in personality traits have been documented in many empirical studies. For instance, Maccoby and Jacklin (1974) conducted the first major review of research on sex-related differences in cognition, temperament, and social behaviour in children and adults. They concluded that men are more assertive and less anxious than women. However, there were no differences found for two other traits analysed, locus of control and self-esteem. The reason for such gender differences to exist…

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  • Gender Differences In Intelligence

    GENDER DIFFERENCES IN INTELLIGENCE AND ITS COMPONENTS: Intelligence refers to mental abilities and varies from person to person. Some psychologists believe it involves only one aspect while others say there are various components of intelligence, so a person may be high in one but low in the other. Then the question arises about whether there are gender differences in intelligence. There is evidence to show that this may be true. This paper discusses the research findings related to this.…

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  • Gender Differences In Coping

    Fagot (1988) and Porter et al. (2000) found few significant gender differences in types and frequency of stressors as well as coping strategies. Hamilton and Fagot (1988) studied and analyzed 51 female and 39 male undergraduate students. They measured stressor of two different types: gender neutral and female-specific. Stressors that were gender neutral included classes, sleep, money food, roommates and romantic relationships. Stressors that were female specific included as appearance, weight,…

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  • Gender Differences In Memory

    Everyone’s memory is slightly different. (, 2010) Memory can be effected by things such as illness, age, and accidents but does gender effect human memory? Memory is a function of many sections of the brain, this includes the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex. It can be separated into three different types; sensory, short-term, and long-term. Long-term memory is short-term memory that is hardened in a human’s brain through practice and repetition.…

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  • Gender Differences In Sport

    As Connell suggests, gender is something recognisable but is often registered on an unconscious level. From the moment we are born we are placed into the binary division of male or female, the defining feature of our subjectivity. This distinction organises and informs our entire lives – from the bathrooms we use to the sports we’re expected to play. These arrangements are often so engrained into our way of interacting with the world that ‘they can seem part of the natural order’ (Connell 2015,…

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  • Gender Differences In Creativity

    Current research into gender differences in creativity is inconclusive. The majority of research into creativity stems from Guilford’s (1950) work. Although it, marginally, infers a relationship between gender and creativity, there is evidence to the contrary, such as Goldsmith and Matherly (1998) and Henderson (2003). Creativity is the ability to exhibit creative behaviour to a noteworthy degree (Guilford, 1950). Guildford identified several key principles of creativity (fluency and…

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  • Gender Differences In Research

    most likely do not actually fit neatly into. In a similar fashion, many of these theories often disregard external factors, attributing sex, gender, and sexuality differences to biological causes…

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  • Gender Differences And Poverty

    aims at explaining the impact of gender differences on causing unemployment and poverty in a sample from four Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan, namely: Irbid, Al-Husn, Jerash, and Suf camp. The study also aims to answer the main following inquiry: “Do the differences in gender have an impact on causing unemployment and poverty among families inside Palestinian camps in Jordan?”. Therefore, in order to attain the objectives of the study through collecting the needed data from interviewees, a…

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  • Explaining Gender Differences

    that actively chose not to take on high level business positions because that is not necessarily how they define themselves as a success. In the study of 800 participants, composed of men and women who are currently employed, when evaluating their overall life goals, women listed more and varied goals which were less related to attaining power compared to the men’s goals which were more power driven (men are more motivated by and towards power). This is a new development to the study of why men…

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