The Cause And Effects Of Addiction To The Internet

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Too much of a good thing can be bad. Internet usage is increasing rapidly with the vast information available. Through internet, information can be accessible by everyone all over the world. As a result, People spend too much time in front of computers, cellphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Internet can be used for education, online shopping, paying bills, and many more things. Consequently, people are becoming addicted to the internet, which can have a serious impact on a person mentality and physically if used in excess.
Internet addiction is very common among teenagers and children. People who are addicted to the internet struggle to interact face to face with others. However, excessive internet usage will lead to
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People spend more time using internet as a result they become addicted which leads to several issues. If a person continuously surf a particular website, play online games daily, and actively participate in social media like Facebook and twitter without limiting their time may lead to online internet addiction. Some people get to be dependent on the Internet in light of the social associations they make on the web. when a person has numerous nearby online companions and nobody to rely on in this present reality, issues can create. However, Anxiety, depression, defensiveness, agitation are some of the emotional symptoms of online addiction (Dhir, A., Chen, S., & Nieminen, 2015). One of the main symptom is that the person who are addicted to internet will not spend time with the people around them, they usually stay in front of the laptop or mobile either indoor or in …show more content…
Now a days online dating is increasing rapidly, which has many negative issues like the person may lie or send someone else pictures as their own pictures. Cybersex addiction is commonly seen in young people where they tend to use the adult chat rooms and internet pornography (Qiaolei, 2014). Spending more time on online gaming and illegal activities like gambling leads to overspending of time on the internet and the person will face some problems like financial loss, not completing their work on time and they face mental health problems like stress and depression due to the over usage of internet (Gomes & Sendin, 2014). All these activities come under compulsion which means the addictives are being forced to do something. Cyber relationship addiction where online friends are becoming more important than real life friends or family members is considered to be the most dangerous types of addiction which will completely affect a person’s life (Gomes & Sendin, 2014).People who are addicted to cyber relationship addiction will not maintain a good relationship with their families and they always search for an online relationship which is also called as online dating. Everyone look for a perfect life partner and they start searching in online for their life partner. But a partner found in online is not so good as a partner found in real life because there is no face to face interaction and there may be the

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