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  • Sisterhood Morale Ideas

    Sisterhood, Spirit and Morale Ideas The Standards Committee should discuss sisterhood and morale at all Standards Committee meetings. Consider if there are systemic problems within the chapter that the Standards Committee could address or if there is something fun the committee could plan in order to boost sisterhood and morale. Spirit and Morale Ideas: • Is Chapter Council overwhelmed? Host a Chapter Council appreciation night. • Feel like your chapter doesn’t understand the long-term benefits of Kappa? Host a 50-year Kappa pin recipient and ask her to talk to the chapter about her Kappa experiences. • Sisterhood Board: A centrally-located and decorated bulletin board/chalkboard to display sisterhood events occurring that week or month,…

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  • Ya Sisterhood

    Within in the realm of Southern Belles and Southern womanhood lies a complex relationship, the one between mothers and daughters. While the difficulty of the mother-daughter dynamic is not exclusive to the South, the rules of Southern Bell-like behavior creates added drama and expectations as two generations of women struggle with the social etiquette of their time, and their hopes for the future. Three movies that capture this bond and all that it implies are Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya…

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  • The Importance Of Sisterhood

    I have been told that there is a difference between calling someone your sister once you have joined an organization but the ones who are really your sisters are the people who you have been through something with. A Sisterhood is an array of feelings, emotions, and connections. It can't be described in one certain way or by one word. Yes, it is challenging but no one ever said that it would be easy. Sisters are there to pick each other up when they are down, and we are only as strong as our…

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  • Accidental Sisterhood

    Urinary incontinence is a problem that affects more women then men. A woman might experience the urge to go at the most inconvenient times. Often, women with urinary incontinence experience leaking, when they laugh, exercise, or simply sitting and relaxing. The fact is that urinary incontinence is associated with a weak pelvic floor. Therefore, it is imperative for women with incontinence issues to take steps to strengthen their pelvic floor. The pelvic floor consist of muscles, ligaments,…

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  • Sisterhood In Eliduc

    takes a curious turn as they chose to devote themselves to God. However, the story’s placement indicates “Eliduc” may be Marie’s last word on the subject of love and marriage through which she rewrites an adulterous triangle to express her advocacy for sisterhood,…

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  • Wellesley Sisterhood

    As the motto of Wellesley college is “To provide an excellent liberal arts education for women who will make a difference in the world.”, Wellesley young women are guaranteed in center stage. In a single-gender environment, serious and smart women have opportunities to thrive in every arena with excellence education and gifted faculties who understand how women learn best. Therefore, for over 100 years, Wellesley is best known for many of women’s accomplishments and efforts in making change in…

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  • Global Sisterhood Analysis

    Colonialism, imperialism, and globalization all make it difficult for a global sisterhood to exist. Before I dive into why they make it difficult, I should first discuss what a sisterhood, specifically a global sisterhood is. First off, a sisterhood is the unity of women based on experiences, concerns and conditions that they have all shared somewhere along their lives. A global or universal sisterhood “implies the presence or occurrence of this solidarity everywhere or existing in all…

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  • Personal Narrative: Sisterhood

    Sisterhood Royalty was the name of my high school dance team. As a new member, each of us got paired up with an older girl on the team called a Royalty Sister. A Royalty Sister was someone who helped the new member on the team, invested in gifts to one another on special occasions, and to have a supportive friend on the team. Aqsa was my Royalty sister. She was loud and silly, but she never talked to anyone. I didn’t understand why I got paired up with Aqsa. She wasn’t my ideal friend at least…

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  • Women: A Sense Of Sisterhood And Feminism?

    other members in our chapter would feel the same way as you do? Plus, do you think that being in a sorority helps the feminist agenda?” Olivia was the first to speak “Well, I think that most members in our chapter would disagree with my opinion. I think that being in a sorority leads women feeling a sense of sisterhood and empowerment similar to what one would feel as of the feminist movement.” Kaitlyn followed “I think being apart of a sisterhood is pretty feminist. Like you said Olivia…

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  • Theme Of Sisterhood In Pride And Prejudice

    Sisterhood is something that is focused on constantly thoughout Pride and Prejudice. It is a main driving force behind the actions and decisions of various characters throughout the book. After all, we are following the life of Elizabeth Bennet, who has to constantly navigate her way through troubles often caused by her sisters. You can see the profound impact sisterhood has throughout the book in the way Jane and Elizabeth act as each other 's confidants, the sisterly competition showcased…

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