Colonialism, Imperialism, And Globalization Essay

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Colonialism, imperialism, and globalization all make it difficult for a global sisterhood to exist. Before I dive into why they make it difficult, I should first discuss what a sisterhood, specifically a global sisterhood is. First off, a sisterhood is the unity of women based on experiences, concerns and conditions that they have all shared somewhere along their lives. A global or universal sisterhood “implies the presence or occurrence of this solidarity everywhere or existing in all situations under all conditions” (Lee, 4). I can understand why Lee argues that there is no global sisterhood, based on the UN report, where it describes how the US, a country that is supposed to be a front runner in human and women rights, is allowing these rights to lag behind, especially when they haven 't ratified the CEDAW.

Colonialism makes it difficult for a global sisterhood to exist because of the way it is done. Colonialism is where a country sends some of its citizens as a way to expand their power, resources, land, and for strategic purposes. Meaning, that when a country send its citizens in, these people take the ideas, beliefs, and customs of their country, an inflict it upon those who may already be living where the country may want to put its citizens. Imperialism also makes it difficult for a global sisterhood to exist because it is related to colonialism. It has the same definition expect for the fact that it also includes economic, military and/or cultural dominance which…

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