Bonds Of Sisterhood Oppression Analysis

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RTC 1- Romero, “Bonds of Sisterhood-Bonds of Oppression” In the “Bonds of Sisterhood,” the women are the only ones doing the housework. They were at first fighting for their feminist rights to do work outside of the home. However, because of their fighting to work, they were pushed to do other people 's housework as a job. The husbands also encouraged this as well. The author states “Although the system of gender domination places of housework on women, middle class women have financial resources to escape the drudgery of housework by paying someone else to do her work” (Romero, 98). They first were hiring people that were poor and it did not matter about the color. Then the white people were unionizing, so they started to hire people just of the color. …show more content…
The author states, “Employed middle-and upper-middle class women escaped the double pay syndrome by hiring poor women of color to perform housework and child care, and this was characterized as progress” (Romero, 98). They also wanted to hire “illegal aliens” to do their housework instead of union workers. They said that they did not have to pay them as much, get more hours from them and not give them benefits as well. Once they hired them, it started out with the job that was told that they were supposed to be doing, but then it increased to child care and other jobs as well. For example, one of them stated that they even had to pick up the ladies panties once she dropped them on the

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