Bananas, Beaches And Bases Analysis

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1.“Feminists were logically compelled to argue for women’s equality on the grounds that women, like men were rational beings capable of making their own decisions and determining their own best interests” Feminism is the theory of equal political, economic and social rights for the sexes. Since the dawn of politics and international relations, it has always been apparent that the male gender dominated the political field. It is a world that is populated by politicians, military troops, and international civil servants most of which are men. The male gender shapes the way international relations develop as there is a shortfall in female input. 2. “Marriages between elite men and patriotic wives are a building block holding up the international political system” Feminism carries with it a lot of theories, it …show more content…
2. “So far feminist analysis has had little impact on international politics” Enloe provides deep insight into how much women contribute to international relations that are unaccounted for. For example in military bases women are required to work as staff members like chamber maids. Similarly women are used to build up the masculinity of men at war by having prostitutes near the military bases. Women were not allowed to travel as they were to stay at home and continue their domestic chores but once war came women were allowed to travel to be nurses or teachers. War began to shape the patriarchal system whereby men were to be chivalrous and protect and provide for coloured women in the war countries. Although it is the men’s contributions that are recognised 2“Only men have been imagined capable of the sort of public decisiveness international politics is presumed to require” In the book Enloe touched on the different feminist theories, Standpoint feminism in

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