Women In The 20th Century

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Women: intelligent, willing, and powerful. That is the definition used to describe those of today’s century who have conquered becoming political leaders, entrepreneurs, and working mothers in a world surrounded by critics. However, to understand the success of these women, one must understand how the 19th and 20th century influenced many to take a stand for equality in the political world. Many women during that time were raised and lived to be “perfect housewives,” providing a safe and clean home for their families. They were never exposed to a world outside of cooking and maintaining. Brittan during the 20th century was dominated by a democratic government who created laws biased to men. They were privileged with the opportunity of working, …show more content…
With Britain involved, thousands of men were drafted to support the country’s allies. Without the lack of presence of men, most women were offered job opportunities in factories making gun machinery and other weapons for British soldiers. L Doriat tells the story of an unidentified women who takes both jobs as feminist and factory worker to show that women are as hardworking and intelligent as men. “‘A woman is always a woman; I suffered a lot from remaining for hours with my hands and face dirty with dust and smoke’” (Doriat 231). During this time, women were provided with small job opportunities, but yet very dangerous ones too. Petite women were favored the most, because their small hands were useful when hazardous machines broke. However, the dangers of working in factories never seemed to bother any women. L. Doriat quotes the unidentified women saying “As for me I don’t complain, this strained activity pleases me. I thus forget my loneliness- and not having any children, what else should I do with all my time” ( 231). These jobs paid women less and offered long crucial work hours, yet most women enjoyed this. For once women had other reasons to live for other than taking care of their home and family. It gave them the opportunity to explore some of their work abilities and even find their true character with in themselves. Not only did they demonstrate how reliable they are to their country, but also proved to be caring for the men who questioned their purpose the most. Without the help of these women, Britain would have suffered tremendously; no one to take care of families and no form of income for the

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