Benefits Of The Age Of Imperialism

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Imperialism; the policy of taking over another country or territory by a stronger nation, with the intent of controlling the economic, social, and political lives of the people native to the area. The Age of Imperialism began in the early 1800’s and lasted about quarter-way through the twentieth century, (1914). Industrialized, European superpowers, such as Great Britain and France, scrambled for African and Asian territories, in search of their valuable resources. Luckily for them, Asia and Africa were not industrialized, and were made mostly up of tribe-like communities.
These European nations needed these resources due to the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was when European countries modernized the way certain products
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So rich that they could afford to make investments in almost every European company, even if the return was bound to be next to nothing.
Therefore, exploitation of resources by Europeans was not a benefit to the Age of Imperialism, because it left many European colonies living in poverty, and on the edge of starvation. The African and Asian colonies became the ones to pay for Europe 's success.
Within European colonies, native people usually lived in poverty and were enslaved by the people of their mother countries. These horrible conditions caused many indigenous people to die, resulting in a major genocide of African and Asian
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Another reason native culture was lost was that many people of the colonies learned European languages, such as French, English, Portuguese, and German, and were forced to practice Christianity. This made for easier communication between colonies and their mother countries, and rallied some of them around a common cause, but native languages and religions were not used, and therefore forgotten. Colonies lost their ethnic identity and uniqueness. After all, variety is the spice of life, so the loss of these rich cultures was definitely a disadvantage to the Age of Imperialism.
In conclusion, the Age of Imperialism was not beneficial to the world as a whole. During this age, less advanced countries were taken advantage of by European empires, causing ‘bad blood’ between nations. This ‘bad blood’ has been known to have led to World War I, and in-turn, World War II. Also it lead to many ethnic cleansings, such as The Armenian Genocide and The Holocaust.
So, was The Age of Imperialism really beneficial to the world as a

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