Borderlands La Frontera Analysis

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Anzaldúa, Gloria. “Borderlands: The New Mestiza: La Frontera.” (1987). Course Reserves University of Florida Web. 8 November 2016.
Thesis (50 words) In her book “Borderlands: La Frontera”, Gloria Anzaldúa composes her experience as a queer Chicana inhabitant of the Mexican side of the borderlands to encourage others to accept their linguistic and cultural identity. She believes that Anglos and men silence the voices of Latinos and women, but they must persevere.
Summary (643 words) Anzaldúa explains the unnaturalness of the man-made border between Mexico and Texas. This physical, dividing line between two countries separates two distinct cultures. She connects the physical nature of the borders to her previous poem, which personifies the
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She is proud of her culture, but disapproves some of its beliefs. Men are considered superior and women are subjected to follow their every order and contribute children. A woman’s path in her culture is motherhood, prostitution, or nunnery, with nunnery being the only exception to motherhood. Her culture creates gender roles for the “safety” its women and the women must grow into their culture’s definition of a humble as well as a well-raised girl. Men are not given the same treatment as they are taught to protect and oversee “their” women, silencing women’s voice in the process. Going against the grain towards education or any other path, will mark you as a selfish woman---which is not tolerated whatsoever in her culture. Additionally, Anzaldúa writes that she chose to be queer in a culture where women stay mute on their thoughts and beliefs because they fear rejection and abandonment for not conforming to their culture’s expectations and beliefs. Since her culture does not provide the space for a woman’s voice to be heard (specifically a woman of color) the creation of a new culture has been made---a …show more content…
Lively flowers are painted on Mexico’s side with deep roots entrenched in the soil, while baby black roots are coming out of technology devices on America’s side. America’s young black roots surpass the borderline and touch Mexico’s ancient roots connected to plants and nature. Mexico’s roots stay within their side of the border, while America’s roots do not, mirroring Anzaldúa’s arguments of America’s dominance over Mexico. Regardless of Mexico’s age as a country and culture, Mexico has been made to fear America. America is a dominant force to be reckoned with or else you be castrated, much like Anzaldúa’s experience in being forced to lose her Mexican accent. Anzaldúa’s strong will and finding of her home linguistically, Chicano Spanish protects her and other Chicanos from the overbearing nature of America. Anzaldúa urges to accept your self both culturally and linguistically, especially in the face of opposition, comparable to the strength of the plants in Kahlo’s painting that are being touched by America’s black

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