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  • Essay On Determinism

    Determinism One of the greatest discussions amongst philosophers deals with explaining the basis of all human actions. This debate between determinism and free will is at the core of many philosophical questions. Determinism is the idea that every event in the universe is determined by a previous event or cause, and that there is no free will. Determinism is not the idea that an event will happen and we have no control over it, but the idea that our actions are predetermined by our previous actions, the actions preceding them and the laws of nature (p. 5). In this essay I will explain the most popular argument for determinism, the necessity and importance of free will, and several other important philosophical questions that are frequently presented in the discussion of determinism and free will. One of the most prominent proponents of hard determinism is Derk Pereboom. Pereboom’s argument for determinism deals with the idea that agent-causation is the only possible way that we could have free will. He believes that this is…

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  • Determinism And Free Will

    It seems that determinism are in conflict with free will. Compatibilism is a concept that free will and determinism are compatible. In this paper, I will first state the contradiction between free will and determinism, then illustrate what is compatibilism, with most of the the problem that a compatibilist would face regarding freedom. To begin, determinism is that “human behavior is entirely governed by causal law” (Ayer, 1954, p.271). It means that every action is caused by an earlier event.…

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  • Free Will And Determinism

    Man has been grappling with the complexity of free-will and determinism since the antiquity era. Over the centuries, innovative ideas have been presented defending both cases of the argument. In the case of determinism, I choose to focus on two specific branches of the philosophy: casual determinism and theological determinism. These two concepts contribute the most compelling evidence on the determinist’s behalf. The main issue which arises from determinism is the notion that an individual is…

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  • Determinism Free Will

    Determinism and Freedom of Will Terresa C Knowles Philosophy Paper 2 Introduction: According to, “Determinisms Theory or Doctrine that acts of the will, occurrences in nature, or social or psychological phenomena are causally determined by preceding events or natural laws”. I can understand with agreeing with that the free will and determinism are similarly compatibilities, even when we take free will to require the ability to do otherwise and even when we interpret that…

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  • Determinism And Compatibilism

    - Compatibilism: ○ Free-will goes along with determinism because of moral responsibility. (accountability) ○ Or...our actions are determined, but we can still be held responsible for our voluntary actions - Based on how free-will is understood ○ Free-will in this case is the way one acts on their own § freedom of the will to act, or not act, without coercion - Our heredity/past determines how we act. ○ Otherwise our actions would be totally random and there for not free. - But because of…

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  • Hard Determinism

    The topic that I found to be the most interesting was hard determinism. Similar to libertarianism, hard determinism states that casual determinism and free will are incompatible. According to determinism, there is no such thing as free will. It states that a person’s actions are the effects of their will. A person’s will comes from their desires, motives, and emotions. And that a person’s desires, motives, and emotions are the effects of their genes, upbringing, and experiences. This chain of…

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  • Theories Of Determinism

    Determinism is a theory that states “that all events are governed by causal laws. In other words any events that happen in any stage of your life, happen because the law of nature led to the event. Base on this definition I find is difficult to understand how determinism take away an individual’s free will. Determinism got also be looked at as for every action one take there is a reaction that follow. I strongly disagree with the in compatibilism idea of had determinism. Therefore I am…

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  • Determinism And Incompatibilism

    A dilemma is considered a situation in which you have to make a difficult choice. Vaughn states that free will is when "at least some of our choices and actions are not decided for us or forced upon us but are genuinely up to us." (Vaughn, pg.333) Free will is such a dilemma because for humans, it is natural to think that events are caused by previous events, but then again, it is natural to think that we act freely as well, yet together, these plausible beliefs cannot be true. The two general…

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  • Theory Of Determinism

    (a) The philosophical concept of determinism is defined as “the view that all events, including mental events, are governed by causal laws” (Davis, 2004). Proponents of this theory believe that all events, human actions and thoughts are predetermined and predictable; even the “individuality” of being human and choosing your path in life. For example, if a criminal uses the reasoning of a bad childhood for why they committed a crime, they are really saying that their behavior was determined.…

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  • Is Causal Determinism Compatible

    Determinism is the philosophical concept that all past, present, and future events are fixed. According to Meghan Griffith, there are several varieties of determinism (17). In this essay, I will be concerned with causal determinism, which, according to Griffith, is the belief that “if there are deterministic laws of nature, then given circumstances, certain kinds of events will always follow certain other kinds of events” (18). In other words, causal determinism focuses on the relationship…

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