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  • School Lunches

    School meals have become a bit of cliché with regard to poor nutrition. Countless movies and television shows poke fun at the abundance of unidentifiable foods and lack of nutrition that can show up on cafeteria trays across the nation. While school meals have changed significantly in the past few decades, they still have a long way to go before they can truly be considered nutritious and healthy meals. According to McGuire, our school meals are still too narrow and contain more sodium and fat than is recommended (pp. 116-130). While one goal in shifting school meals to a healthier model is to confront the rising childhood obesity crisis, some believe this will also result in harder working and better performing students academically. If this…

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  • School Lunches: An Persuasive Essay On School Lunches

    School Lunches School lunches at schools can be healthy and unhealthy. is the food that students are eating healthy.not all food is healthy in schools there different meals theres breakfast and lunch. the most important meal of the day is the breakfast that students are getting fed healthy for them. I say that some of that food is not healthy because if it was good not much people would complain about school food. Im not saying that that all breakfast should be the best like…

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  • Good School Lunches

    Our school claims that they put effort into giving students the option of a good school lunch. But, I feel otherwise there could be some occasions where the food will be good. But, in other times it could be soggy or very cold like I have had sometimes. Also, it says that the lunches are healthy of course the lunches are served with a side of veggies but the vegetables served with these meals are absolutely unacceptable they are really unappealing and they don't even taste like vegetables. …

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  • Changing School Lunches

    Changing a school's lunch menu may not seem like a big deal. For those students who buy lunch at school everyday, it is a big deal. If you already know that the students like the food why change it? Like they say "if it's not broke why try to fix it". Students have the right to choose what they want to eat everyday. I believe that this change would be a bad idea for our school. First thing to consider is whether students like or dislike the current lunch menu. For some of the students not…

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  • The Necessity Of Lunches In Schools

    In schools all around the U.S. and maybe even the world have been changing their menus to accommodate the new requirements for lunches. As they all change their food items even the ingredients to make it as healthy as possible. Though they are doing there best to make kids healthy, did they go about it in the right way? Well if you asked the staff present at the school they may argue that the school lunches are in fact healthy, but you don 't see them often going in to get there own…

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  • Healthy Lunches In Schools

    the world are getting fatter, because of fatty school foods. Schools need to provide a healthy, vegan line to help those who have diabetes, have low blood sugar, and just people who need to slenderize. First and foremost, many schools don’t provide the right amount of foods for a healthy lunch. Most schools out there just provide certain food groups like grains, or allot many lean meats. If they can get the right amount of each food group, then they can help those who have diabetes, have low…

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  • Benefits Of School Lunches

    heard from the typical teenage student these days. Food, Food, Food! Kids today are choosing to go hungry at school and barely managing to push through the day. They struggle to keep up with the fast-paced learning rates on an empty stomach. School lunches play a big part of children 's everyday life, from kindergarten to the twelfth grade, two meals a day are consumed at his/her school. We are seeing that now the lunches should be not only appealing to students but beneficial as well, Keeping…

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  • Healthier School Lunches

    Healthier School Lunches: Problem or Solution? Nowadays, School lunch is anything but appetizing. After the introduction of Michelle Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, school lunches are now smaller, healthier, and more expensive than ever before. Schools across the country have been forced to provide healthier lunches to their students, but it seems there are more disadvantages than advantages to this plan. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act was first introduced in January of 2010, more…

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  • What Are School Lunches

    School lunches Every school is different, but they all have one thing in common: School lunches. Whether it’s a slice of pizza or a plate of chicken nuggets, they all serve school lunch. Usually, the food is in acceptable taste conditions for picky eaters, but when the choices of what the lunch ladies serve is limited there’s a problem. Most kids just throw away their lunch. When Michelle Obama put a limit on school food, more lunches were being thrown into the trash because students simply…

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  • School Lunches Benefits

    consuming school lunches. The encounters may be positive or negative, yet generally speaking, school lunches are nutritional. In comparison, school to home packaged lunch is healthy and cost effective. Additionally, lunches provided by schools prevents you from getting distinctly overweight. Overall, school lunch can be beneficial to your wellbeing and money. Now, as said before, lunches provided by schools is cost effective. As a result of Michelle Obama’s 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act,…

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