School Lunches Essay

  • School Lunches: An Persuasive Essay On School Lunches

    School Lunches School lunches at schools can be healthy and unhealthy. is the food that students are eating healthy.not all food is healthy in schools there different meals theres breakfast and lunch. the most important meal of the day is the breakfast that students are getting fed healthy for them. I say that some of that food is not healthy because if it was good not much people would complain about school food. Im not saying that that all breakfast should be the best like pancakes for school but it could be better. students eat breakfast at their house whether its healthy or not it is us students choice what to eat out of school in the morning. When its lunch time food is unhealthy some of the lunch we…

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  • Nutrition In School Lunches

    they faced with? Degrading school lunches. They have to wait in a long line just to get something that doesn 't even look or smell appealing. Although school lunches have to meet a certain dietary plan, they are ridiculous because you don’t get enough food, it is gross, there are not enough nutrients in the meal, and it is overpriced for how much food we are actually getting. The proportions of school lunches are small. As you go through the lunch line they just scoop your food onto the tray…

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  • The Importance Of School Lunches In Schools

    guidelines for school meals. Nutrition rules that were adopted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2012 include fruits and vegetables, but limit portion sizes. The amount of grains, proteins and calories provided are also are reduced. First Lady Michelle Obama and USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack have worked together to bring changes to school breakfast and lunch programs and set standards in promoting healthy food choices. Kids should get healthy and nutritious meals at school. Since almost…

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  • School Lunches Essay

    The lunches served at schools across the country are terrible. They lack the nutrition needed to sustain a student and they are not very good looking or tasting. The lunches are a main reason why students in America are unhealthy. If the lunches do not taste good or do not make them full, students are going to resort to eating more junk food throughout the day. The foods used are always frozen and prepared. They are never fresh and prepared in the school 's kitchen. If the food was fresh it…

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  • The Consequences Of School Lunches

    School lunches are also insufficient because they are failing to teach nutritional value to children. “In the Year 2012, more than 31.6 million children each day got their lunch through the National School Lunch Program. Since the modern program began, more than 224 billion lunches have been served” (National School lunch program par.14). These billions of children that have been consuming these school lunches throughout their school years from kindergarden up until they have graduated are…

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  • Benefits Of School Lunches

    Why Should School Provide Healthy Food? According to the research, 30.5 million students in the United States get lunch at school rather than at home. However the problem is that students who eat school lunches are at a higher risk for having an unhealthy weight. Because school often serves fatty meals like hot dogs and fried chicken to the students. In Marion Nestke’s essay “School Food, Public Policy, and Strategies for Change”, she mentioned the dilemma of whether students should eat…

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  • School Lunches Speech

    Schools are feeding children antibiotics. 70% of beef and protein that is feed to children through school lunches are full of antibiotics. There are variety of things that should change about school lunches and how the school feed their children. Kids can become sick from these food that schools serve, and kids do not get enough nutrients either. The school’s lunch may consist of food from all the food groups, but how many of these foods are packaged? At most schools, the majority of the food is…

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  • The Importance Of School Lunches

    With gym class seeming pointless to many it leads many to want to skip it entirely. (cite) Which my schools and many others offer to students who are part of two school sport teams. These influenced students to think physical education was more for getting people to do physical activity and doesn’t show the why and how to build healthy fitness habits. Many students on the sports teams in school didn’t want to play games in class seeing how student participation wasn’t always guaranteed. This…

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  • The Dangers Of School Lunches

    for kids and high schoolers. One question that runs across my mind is "Should changes be made to the regulations for sustenance’s that are served in government funded schools?" Simply in light of the fact that the greater part of the hours spent a day in a child’s/teenagers life is at school and it is critical to bring down the stout weight for kids for their future. Despite the fact…

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  • Obesity In School Lunches

    increased from how it was in the year 2004, and 2012. This has to do with the school food that is given to the children. As adults we don’t take the time too acknowledge what is being feed to children. We believe that whatever the school is giving to the students must be good for them if they are the ones who are providing it. Students eat the food that is provided to them only, because they did not bring their own food from home. For some people the reason their parents are to busy with work to…

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