The Necessity Of Lunches In Schools

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In schools all around the U.S. and maybe even the world have been changing their menus to accommodate the new requirements for lunches. As they all change their food items even the ingredients to make it as healthy as possible. Though they are doing there best to make kids healthy, did they go about it in the right way? Well if you asked the staff present at the school they may argue that the school lunches are in fact healthy, but you don 't see them often going in to get there own lunches. Most bring a cold lunch to work with them. Even though the lunches are as available to them as they are to the students. Why don 't they get hot lunches? Is it because they rather bring there own from home, or is it just because the healthier they …show more content…
If you asked the workers that do eat these hot lunches, what would they say? Well that 's a mystery that Mrs. Q and anonymes teacher from "" tells us about her adventure with her schools hot lunches. She comments that "they were in fact discussing, and she personally had to protest to gain even the slightest bit of deliciousness in her cafeteria." But the staff aren 't the only people at this school, no, but the students the ones that have to suffer through the bad choices of the workers are the ones who suffer. The students who don 't have a choice of bringing cold lunch to school to relieve them from the mess in the cafeteria. These students will stand in the lunch lines to get this revolting lunch that was introduced to wheat half bread and 0% milk and 95% water or some other weird thought to be healthy concoction said to be food. Though they get it doesn 't mean they eat it guys. I personally have gotten lunches that seemed to be a common everyday lunch and it was burnt and disgusting as the noodles were changed to accommodate the new restrictions on healthy in schools I throw it away as fast as I could. That 's not all some kids will do. Some go to the snack line, and wait just to get something that tastes like food not paper. Heck some kids don 't even eat lunches and let me tell you that is more unhealthy than just regular lunches and doesn 't benefit them at all when it comes to trying to stay awake and be an active member in class. No these students suffer because the adults and supposed "role models" can 't use there

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