Benefits Of Healthy School Lunches

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Register to read the introduction… If children are consuming about 50 percent of their total fat, carbohydrates or sugar, during lunch, that leaves them with a problem for dinner. A child whose parents do not have time to make them a lunch, should not have to limit what they eat at breakfast and dinner. It should be the school's job to make the lunches healthier. Another problem with the lunches, are that students are all different sizes, with equally diverse exercise habits. Some play sports, and others get all their exercise from gym class. There should be different lunch sizes which vary in costs, depending on the amount of time that a student is physically active each day. If a child dreams of becoming an athlete, but they are poor, and buy school lunch for the reduced cost, and cannot bring their lunch, they will have a hard time achieving this goal because of the unhealthy food. If the food was healthier, this child would have an improved chance of accomplishing her goal, unless she was absent numerous times and had to make up all her work, leaving no time for …show more content…
If children eat poorly, they will become sick more easily, and they will miss school. If a child in West-Windsor Plainsboro School District misses five days of school, they will acquire a note about missing excessive days of school, if children are able to eat healthy school lunches, their school performances will be enhanced. When a student is not under the pressure to make up missed work, they are free to focus on their current work, receiving better grades. If the food is greasy, cheap and unhealthy, it also may give certain children an upset stomach, and if children miss work, their homework accumulates, causing the school academic averages to drop, which is dreadful for the school's reputation. In conclusion, it is crucial for schools to have healthy lunches for the students. Healthy lunches will enhance students' academic abilities, will lower the high childhood obesity percentages, and with fewer absences, the students will have less stress regarding make-up work. If healthier lunches are not served in school, and the students do worse in school, it will prove more difficult for them to make it into a decent college, therefore, the school board should rethink all the advantages of providing students with healthy

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