Changes Be Made In The Regulations Of School Lunches

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Should changes be made in the regulations of school lunches? Are school lunches healthy enough for children that attend schools? Currently, the plan doesn’t seem to be portioned correctly for different body types, school systems are serving the same thing two or more times a week. Hopefully, this will give some solutions on how it can be solved and the steps that is need to be taken to correct this issue. If it is to benefit the students then it should be reviewed from all points of view that every child can benefit from this plan.
Across America, there has been new regulations made to the school lunch menus. These changes have been made so that the menus can be called healthy meals. Well, they may be healthy but, are they proportioned
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Bringing the standards up will be the first priority. Setting higher standards for what is good for our future and not for our pockets. Making better nutritionist standards for both what we are bringing in for them to eat and how much we put on the plate. Children need food for fuel, so making sure that they are getting the best will mean them putting out the best product that they possible can. Ensuring that they are truly healthy will mean picking better products and serving them in a better fashion. As a nation we have to face this issue of school nutrition head on and fix it. Our children shouldn’t have to suffer just because they are in public schools and are eating the school lunch. They are still the priority and deserve to be treated as such. If we want their minds to work to the best of their abilities then the school nutrition act should be reconsidered and brought to better standards than what they are currently sitting …show more content…
If the money that is being spent in the school system is equally divided then it she get better. According to the School food focus group there is only $1 spent on food and another 2 dollars spent on running the whole operation. (School) Understanding that the staff has to be paid, can’t the money be taken from another department to ensure that the kids get healthier lunches. But, the government has the power to push money in every direction. They can pull money from different areas to make the school budgets bigger. When the school budgets get bigger then they push more money into the school

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