Importance Of Federal Government Involvement In School Lunches

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Federal Government 's Involvement with School Lunches Ever since President Obama was elected into office in 2008, his wife, Michelle Obama has been the forefront of nutrition. One of her main focuses has been the health and wellbeing of children. She has helped to change school lunches around the nation to tend to a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Mrs. Obama has also helped pass laws through the federal government that have improved the lives of millions. The Level of obesity among kids from the ages of two till five have dropped almost forty-three percent. The Government should be actively involved in the school lunches of children across the nation.
Dr. Ferreras, an expert in nutrition stated, “Washington needs to keep to themselves…
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From birth to adulthood kids are taught to live a sedentary lifestyle. During the day, these students are forced to sit for hours on end during school hours. These kids then go to lunch to eat an unhealthy, greasy, cholesterol filled meal. This lifestyle teaches children how to act as adults, wake up, go to work, sit for hours, eat junk food, then lather, rinse and repeat. Along with a basic exercise plan, all school students need to eat healthy foods to retain nutrients, and boost their metabolism until they need to use it again (“Unhealthy School Lunches Not Making The Grade”). When the federal government did not regulate lunches, there was a spike of early obesity, and childhood cancer. Districts would serve cheap, greasy, unhealthy, inexpensive food for the students. This food was processed in factories, then shipped to the school 's, waiting for someone to eat it. However, nowadays, schools are required by law to serve healthy school lunches that promote good eating habits. Because of this, childhood obesity is making a slow regression. This regression began when Mrs. Obama became the first lady and started reforms on the school system (“Child

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