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  • The Cause And Effects Of Addiction To The Internet

    Now a days online dating is increasing rapidly, which has many negative issues like the person may lie or send someone else pictures as their own pictures. Cybersex addiction is commonly seen in young people where they tend to use the adult chat rooms and internet pornography (Qiaolei, 2014). Spending more time on online gaming and illegal activities like gambling leads to overspending of time on the internet and the person will face some problems like financial loss, not completing their work on time and they face mental health problems like stress and depression due to the over usage of internet (Gomes & Sendin, 2014). All these activities come under compulsion which means the addictives are being forced to do something. Cyber relationship addiction where online friends are becoming more important than real life friends or family members is considered to be the most dangerous types of addiction which…

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  • Internet Addiction: Hamlet's Blackerry By William Powers

    the world use Internet as an escape from reality, or from boredom. But how do people know if they have an Internet Addiction? In the book Hamlet’s Blackerry, by William Powers he says“ In fact, there’s a great deal of ongoing research about connective technologies and how they’re affecting individuals, families, businesses, and society at large” (17). Most people have different kinds of addictions, an addiction of some sort of crave or urges, the one most people do not know about is Internet…

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  • What Are The Negative Effects Of The Internet

    pleasure a person feels by the intake of alcohol or smoking, for that reason people cannot resist themselves from using the Internet (Cash, Rae, Steel, and Winkler). Moreover, the availability of the Internet and the easy access has given the advantage to the people to use inappropriate websites that can harm their personality. However, the sexting and the cybersex addiction are one of the most widespread types of Internet addiction. Around 60% of the people who uses the Internet on their…

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  • Sexless Marriage

    Repetitive online sexting can become a destructive addiction, resulting in a loss of trust, decrease in self-esteem, and a lack of arousal and avoidance of intimacy by their partner (Cybersex, 2014). A sex therapist can offer support and assistance in order to develop a plan to overcome a cybersex addiction. It would usually include dealing with the traumatic impact of infidelity, creating a meaning around why it is happening, and working together to move forward as a couple (Cybersex, 2014).…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Adult Finder Websites

    For people who are less sexually experienced or who has a shy personality, they can express and explore their sexual nature through an online adult finder websites, it is likely more secure and safe to practice virtual sex rather than having sex with someone in real life, and it also provides the ability to feel comfy with the cybersex partner because of the anonymous nature of the web and adult chat rooms. However, participating to any online adult finder websites involve negative feedback as…

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  • Sexting Vs Online Dating Essay

    further sex via the computer was counted if it sharing fantasies, using real time cameras, explicit photos, and sharing similar sexual interest. With the social interaction online it has increased the alienation of people interacting between humans, as well as decreased the values of society. Values are defined as culturally defined standards of desirability, goodness, and beauty, the guidelines to society. The excuses that were given as to why the person used the internet for cybersex was…

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  • Internet Dependency: A Critical Issue

    family and social life. Individuals who have issues with their family connections likewise may utilize excessively habitual web based gaming, online gambling, and utilization of online sale locales are altogether classed as classifications of Internet Addiction that are said to frequently bring about financial and job related issues. People like to spend time on Internet rather then families. Internet dependency arise conflicts in families because “Online communication with a third person…

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  • The Global Impact Of Cyberbullying

    limitation of law enforcement and the difficulty to identify the perpetrators, they can easily cover up their identity that makes it more difficult to sue them (Burnett, Yozwiak & Hatim, 2013). Furthermore, the availability of these gadgets are everywhere in the market and the social media is globally engaging and attractive to meet other people wherever they are, making everyone engaged in social media and text messaging vulnerable to cyber bullies locally and internationally. The Global…

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  • Infidelity Case Study

    younger people were less permissive about sexual infidelity than were older people. The advent of the internet has brought together all types of people and their relationships have been transformed in many ways. Email, instant messaging, and chat rooms all provide for increased communication among individuals, but the potential for unfaithful behavior has increased as well. The internet has made it possible for people in marriages and committed relationships to have interactions with others…

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  • Sexuality Vs Sexuality

    evidence. The researchers used the study to help develop an accurate way of diagnosing one with hyper sexuality. The researchers conducted psychosocial testing and interviews with 207 patients from mental health clinics across the country. Many of the patients were seeking treatment of sexual behavior disorders or other mental health disorders. The results of the interviews showed that hypersexual activity was greatly related to major emotional disturbances and uncontrollable stress. The…

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