Relationship: Sexting And Infidelity In Cyberspace

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The world has changed since the internet has come out. With the invention of the internet and online dating, along with cell phones, the definition of relationships has now changed with modern technology. The online dating gives men and females an easier access for hookups and infidelity. With that kind of access to cheat on their significant others the one on one relationship world is changing. Relationships will become nonexistent and exist in the sexting and online hook ups. Diane Wysocki and Cheryl D. Childers did a sociology experiment to see what kind of behaviors happen in cyberspace, “Let My Fingers Do the Talking”: Sexting and Infidelity in Cyberspace.
They created a survey to test infidelity and sexting using 5,187 respondents. What they found out was that females are more likely to engage in sexting behaviors than men, Older men are more likely to cheat on
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The deviant behavior is behavior that is outside the norms. The current norms for this society is that cheating on your significant other is against the norms and the law if you are married. The entire experiment was to test how the social status of the world of sexting and infidelity with married couples has changed with the invention of the cell phone and the internet, hence the social change of the world. Not everyone in a relationship has the option to chat with someone online and discuss their relationship and ways to get out of it. Mores are norms regarded as essential for the welfare of society, all associated with feelings of right and wrong. In society cheating is normally regarded as a bad stigma once people knows that someone is a cheater they start waiting for them to start cheating again and again. With so much change in society eventually assimilation will occur and society will change the mores and norms to fit the change to a normal infidelity

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