Cathode Ray Tube Essay

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  • How Did Thomson Contribute To Science

    His major discoveries came by doing experiments with cathode ray tubes which have electrons that emitted light when negative voltage and metal plates were added, this was the discovery of the electron or corpuscle as he named it (Unknown author, 1997). A cathode tube works by creating gaseous discharge, which "occurs in a gas at low pressure when subjected to an electrical potential difference, commonly applied via electrodes at the ends of a long glass tube. The resulting glow or light emission takes various forms depending on the nature of the gas, the shape of the tube and of the electrodes” (Davis, 2007, p.294) When foil was added to the cathode ray tube he could see particles of light pass through which led him to believe cathode rays were electrons (Unknown author, 1997). With further experimenting he concluded that the mass of the particles was 3 x 10-27 g which is close to todays value of .91 x 10-27 g (Davis, 2007). This discovery of a negatively charged subatomic particle that is part of an atom led him to create the plum pudding model. Further experiments with cathode rays include: magnetic deflection, electrical deflection, and measurements of mass to charge ratio. He also discovered the first evidence of isotopes using mass spectrometry to observe different light deflections due to different…

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  • Television By Roald Dahl Analysis

    ENGL 1515 ASSIGNMENT “TELEVISION” BY ROALD DAHL: AN ANALYTIC REVIEW NAME : NUR AFIFAH BINTI NOR HASBI MATRIC NO : 1416044 SECTION : 1 LECTURER : DR. MD. MAHMUDUL HASAN Television has been playing a major part in our lives since its first debut in the middle of the 20th century. It has been the leading means of entertainment with a wide range of viewers from little children to the elderly expanding from Asia to North America in the past five decades since it has been…

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  • Watching Television Benefit American Culture

    For many Americans TV is essential for life. Like water it is something that is needed to go throughout the day. But, what is the effect that this is having on one’s mind, body, and family? Is the joy of the television for those 5 hours’ worth it? TV has many effects that do not benefit American culture; this includes bad health, not being productive, the thought processes one has. Watching TV is bad for one’s health. So many Americans have been turned into couch potatoes. Figure one is…

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  • Philo Farnsworth's Impact On Society

    Graham Bell wanted to upgrade the telephone and make it transmit images. Also to top it off, light was already being used it would be easier for one to make the “Photophone”. (The Invention of Television) As earlier said Philo Farnsworth won an award for a fool proof car ignition switch. This was from the Science and Invention Magazine, and this probably started his interest in electronics and technical machines. (Farnsworth, Philo) Now it is the 1900’s and people have stopped chasing…

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  • Operating Principles In PEM Fuel Cell

    The Nafion membrane belongs to a class of poly-perfluoro-sulfonic acids, and consists of a hydrophobic tetrafluoroethylene backbone with pendant side-chains of perfluoronated vinyl-ethers terminated by sulfonic acid groups. Proton conductivity in Naffion and most other polymer electrolytes increases with the water activity and that is the main reason to humidify the incoming gas reactants. Sufficient water must be absorbed into the membrane to ionize the acid groups, whereas excess water can…

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  • Floating Slimes Essay

    Silver, lead, arsenic, bismuth, antimony, selenium, and nickel are common impurities existing in copper anodes. Some impurities dissolved from the anodes can precipitate, if their concentrations in the electrolytic solution are above saturation levels. Some of these precipitates can settle down but some are floating slimes and can be a source of cathode contamination by their incorporation into the cathode 16. These floating slimes are amorphous and typically have compositions of Sb-As-O and…

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  • Compare The Construction And Operation Of A Ni-Cad Battery With A Lead-Acid Battery

    Q1. Describe the construction and operation of a Ni-Cad battery. Compare and contrast the Ni-Cad battery with a Lead-Acid battery. a. Construction: figure 1. Ni-cad battery construction Ni-Cad battery refers to Nickel-cadmium battery which is widely used in industrial world. Basically, the Ni-Cad battery consists of positive and negative plates, separators, electrolyte, cell vent, and cell container. The positive plate in Ni-Cad battery is Nickel Hydroxide Ni(OH)2. However, the negative…

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  • The Function Of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

    OLEDs can include either two levels or three levels of natural material; in the last design, the third layer aids transport electrons from the cathode to the emissive…

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  • Capacitance Properties Of Polyaniline Essay

    Capacitance properties of electrodeposited polyaniline films on stainless steel substrate. A.A. Al-Owais1,I. S. El-Hallag2, M.A. Ghanem3 1,3Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, King Saud University, Riyadh ,SA 2Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Tanta, 31527, Egypt Abstract. Polyaniline (PANI) thin films were successfully synthesized from a mixed solution of 1M aniline and two different concentration solutions of H2SO4 on a stainless steel substrate. The…

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  • Electrolyte Concentration Lab Report

    random errors, which caused the results to be unreliable. Due to this, the raw data does not support the hypothesis. Thus, a line of best fit was drawn in order to reduce the effect of random errors, and statistically remove the outliers, to give a better representation of what the results should have been. This line of best fit suggests that the current flow through the copper electrodes increased as the electrolyte concentration increased, supporting the hypothesis, and corresponding to the…

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