The Side Effects Of Energy Drinks Essay

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  • Energy Drinks: The Side Effects Of Energy Drinks

    In 2006 alone, 500 new energy drinks were created. Energy drinks, that which typically contain large amounts of sugar and caffeine, are equally if not more dangerous to children. Even though the target market for energy drinks are young adults aged 18-35, teenagers are often consuming significant quantities of these beverages. “According to self-report surveys, energy drinks are consumed by 30% to 50% of adolescents and young adults.”(pediatrics 1). “Of the 5448 US caffeine overdoses reported in 2007, 46% occurred in those younger than 19 years. Several countries and states have debated or restricted energy drink sales and advertising.” (pediatrics 1). So what can be done to limit the amount of nutritionally-debtrementing liquid calories that children and adolescents are consuming? On an individual-basis, the appropriate approach is quite simply to replace soda and sports drinks with water or low-fat milk in children’s diets. Water is the very best hydrator available. Low-fat milk not only hydrates, but delivers calcium, protein and a great source of vitamin D. “Energy drinks have no therapeutic benefit, and many ingredients are understudied and not regulated. The known and unknown pharmacology of agents included in such drinks, combined with reports of toxicity, raises concern for potentially serious adverse effects in association with energy drink use. In the short-term, pediatricians need to be aware of the possible effects of energy drinks in vulnerable populations and…

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  • Negative Effects Of Energy Drinks

    Are Energy Drinks Bad for You? People consume many different products without knowing what the product actually contains in its ingredients. For several years, I’m sure we all have heard about energy drinks being bad for our health or some story about someone dying or having a heart attack from consuming too many energy drinks in a short period of time, but many people still consume these drinks regardless of all the know negative side effects. In a survey of college students, Dr. Ananaya…

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  • 5 Hour Energy Drinks Case Study

    a hand-full of side effects (not on the side of these drinks) that can occur when consuming this much caffeine. 5-Hour Energy claims you will get “no crash” with their small shot (2 fluid ounces) containing roughly 200 milligrams of caffeine. Even though they claim no crash, this only means no “sugar crash” because of the use of artificial sweeteners. There have been 13 reported deaths from this drink in just the past 6 years. In most cases this was due to heart problem and abnormalities of…

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  • Energy Drinks Effects

    helmet, shakes out his hair, and, naturally, grabs a Monster Energy Drink to refuel. This rapturing commercial promotes the consumption of energy drinks to today’s youth. What are these companies really promoting, though? Energy drinks contain unhealthy ingredients that cause detrimental health effects. Upon looking into the ingredients of a common…

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  • Energy Drink Persuasive Essay

    PERSUASIVE SPEECH(Draft) TITLE:Why Energy Drink Is Bad for You? Good morning to my fellow lecturer and friends.Before I start my speech I'm very sure many of you who like to drink energy drinks especially boys.I am sure most of you think that energy drinks can boost energy but when I am doing some research they are actually can be very dangerous for your health.That is why I strongly agree that all of you should avoid and stop consume energy drinks.There are three good reasons to support my…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Energy Drinks

    decision is this? It is a fact that energy drinks do give energy, but is it good for the human body? Energy drinks come in a tall cans with many different colors and a catchy slogans that grabs many teenagers attention. We see them all over the place like commercials, billboards, radio and even school cafeterias. They are known for helping you stay awake, give you an energy even on your worst day and even boost your mood. Energy drinks use many different substances in order keep their drinks…

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  • Informative Speech For Energy Drink

    The sudden energy rush you feel after drinking one of these cans is often followed by a “crash-and-burn” effect which could leave you craving more. 3. While these drinks give your metabolism a quick boost, afterwards your stomach is left with the carbohydrates and caffeine neither of which are metabolism boosters. E. Energy drinks help you with your workout. 4. Where it would take an average person 15-20 minutes to burn off the 110 calories that are in one can of Red…

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  • Research Paper On Energy Drinks

    Energy drinks have been on the market now for some time now. People like the way they make you feel after they’ve quenched your thirst. What many may not be aware of are what the main ingredients are and the long term problems that can occur from misusing the product. Research has shown that energy drinks have the potential to be harmful and in some cases fatal. For this reason, I believe energy drinks should have an age restriction so no one under the age of 18 will be allowed to purchases…

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  • Energy Drink Essay

    INTRODUCTION In 1997, energy beverages were first introduced in the United States beginning with Red Bull which brought on competitors (Higgins et al. 2010). The intended use of energy beverages was to provide a person with more energy throughout the day while providing many necessary vitamins (Higgins et al. 2010). Energy drinks have grown increasingly popular where there are now more than a hundred different brands of energy beverages being sold and consumed worldwide (Higgins et al. 2010).…

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  • Energy Drinks Case Study

    study the good and bad effects energy drinks may bring to those who ingest it, focusing specially on college students who are most likely exposed to different kind of stress and energy-draining activities such as studying. Since the focus of the study is towards the college students, the research's aim is to explain the effects of energy drinks to the college student's health and school performance, to weigh the good effects and the downside of ingesting it, to suggest some ideas for the…

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