Side Effects Of 5-Hour Energy

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abnormalities, and dizziness. These are just a hand-full of side effects (not on the side of these drinks) that can occur when consuming this much caffeine. 5-Hour Energy claims you will get “no crash” with their small shot (2 fluid ounces) containing roughly 200 milligrams of caffeine. Even though they claim no crash, this only means no “sugar crash” because of the use of artificial sweeteners. There have been 13 reported deaths from this drink in just the past 6 years. In most cases this was due to heart problem and abnormalities of the cardiovascular system. This number is very high considering this drink has only been on the market since 2004. Other companies such as Monster And Rock star have had no reported deaths. David Kroll, who is a contributor for Forbes states “Monster and Rock star are brightly-labeled beverages that contain 160 to 175 …show more content…
Some of these concoctions are: 8 ball, Bill Rush, Cold War, Devil’s Brew and many more cocktails. There are over hundreds of these drinks in which they all come with a “wide awake drunk effect.” This effect is when someone drinks caffeine with alcohol, which will cause a person to be intoxicated while wide-awake from the caffeine. This can be a very deadly combination in which it will give you the effect just listed about the “4 Loko” drink.
There are a few positive things about caffeinated energy drinks; one being that it gives you energy threw out the day. Sometimes in the work force you may get tired, prevention of this can be drinking an energy drink. Within a few minute of consumption you will feel less sleep deprived and more prepared for your shift or workday.
In Japan, researchers found caffeine can increase your memory. The university of John Hopkins did a study involving the human memory and the factors of caffeine. Studies show 200mg of caffeine can help boost your

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