Four Loko Case Study

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1. These drinks are as dangerous as the critics maintain. It is because of our body’s natural defense is to get sleepy and not want to drink but the mixing of caffeine and alcohol will cause us to perceive ourselves less intoxicated than we actually are. We are not aware on how much alcohol we are consuming and this may lead to alcohol poisoning. It is reported that a New Jersey student’s blood alcohol level is 0.4 which is 4 times the legal limit for driving a car after drinking three cans of Four Loko and several shots of tequila in an hour. Furthermore, alcohol and caffeine are diuretics and mixing both will cause dehydration and affect the ability to regulate body temperature.

Marketing strategy of Four Loko looks
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Peter Mercer is correct that caffeinated alcoholic beverages serve no ‘socially redeeming purpose’. It is because of consuming caffeinated alcoholic beverages may lead to health problem such as alcohol poisoning. Furthermore, people are not aware on how much alcohol they are consuming and this may affect their rationality and lead to socially unacceptable behavior. However, this is not a proper test for determining whether society should permit a product to be sold. In a market, people should have the freedom of choice on the products that they demand. There is a market demand for these products although it affects the health of the people. Government intervention is needed in ordering producer of caffeinated alcoholic beverages to change its packaging and labeling to provide a true and fair view of the products. Education should be given to consumer regarding the products in order for them to make a smart choice. Besides. Producer of caffeinated alcoholic beverages should consider changing the caffeine level in their beverage. These should be done before banning of the product from the market.

3. Legal paternalism refers to the doctrine that the law may justifiable be used to restrict the freedom of individuals for their own good. Therefore, the banning of Four Loko and kindred beverages is an example of legal paternalism. According to Dr. Michael Relhart, an emergency room physician, ‘Four Loko is the one of the most dangerous new alcohol concoctions he has ever
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Manufacturers of alcoholic beverages are responsible in providing clear and accurate information about the alcohol and caffeine level of their beverages. The manufacturers should label it on the packaging of the beverages. Besides, they are responsible to ensure that consumers are not harm by any defects of the products. Caffeine level in their beverages should be lower as caffeine will unable the consumers to aware on how much alcohol they are consuming and this may lead to alcohol poisoning. Furthermore, manufacturers of alcoholic beverages have the responsibility to make sure that their marketing strategy does not target the incorrect group of consumers such as young and underage drinkers. Four Loko fall down in this respect as their products’ packaging looks alike with soft drink and energy-drink. Furthermore, their products are with different flavor and the packaging is colorful. It attracts those young

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