Argumentative Essay On Alcohol Sales

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Saige Owens
Lamar Community College Comp 1
Argumentative Essay FD
11pm Sales


This paper will argue and explain why alcohol should not be sold after 11pm. Multiple reasons include, fewer accidents, fewer ER visits, fewer visits from the cops, and possible lives being saved.

11pm Sales Do you occasionally have a drink or two, either at home or in town? To be able to have that opportunity, you have to go buy it to take home, or you go to a place that provides it for a cost. In 2016, 223.2 billion US dollars were spent on alcoholic beverages, and about a quarter of accidents happened because of alcohol intake. Multiple people have died, gotten hurt, hurt others, and caused damage because of drinking. This can all be stopped by one simple change, no sales of alcohol after 11pm on any night. Yes, there are many people would be like to disagree, but here are some great examples of why this would help our generations.
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Alcohol endangers not only the person who does not drink, but also others on the road. After intake, a person’s mind is not focused at all, and can lead them to do many unnecessary things. They could hit other objects, hurt wildlife, hurt themselves, or hurt others. Many lives are taken, because of people who drink and drive. If local facilities, bars, taverns, stores, and little shops, were to stop selling after eleven, these problems would not be as common as they are now. People would go home at decent times, because there is no more alcohol left, which would help reduce

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