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  • Visit To Florida

    What is one place in the world that you would like to visit? I would like to visit Florida because I could visit beaches, Disneyland, and Daytona race track. Florida has beautiful beaches that would be very calming, Disneyland would be a memorable experience. A visit to Daytona race track would be exhilarating. These are just some of the reasons that I would like to visit Florida. First of all I want to go to the beach. The water at the beach in Florida is beautiful, blue, and clear. At the beach I would be able to see many different types of fish. I would be able to walk on the beach and collect lots of sea shells. I would love to go the beaches in Florida Secondly I would like to go to Disneyland in Florida. It would be fun to ride roller…

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  • Personal Essay: Why I Love To Go To California

    Before I was born, my parents went on their honeymoon in California. Their stories were filled with amazing places, while their pictures showed the wonderful sights. I love when we sit on the front porch swing with the picture album and talk about their trip for hours. I can clearly imagine every little detail that my parents share with me. Their story has always fascinated me since the first time they told me the wild adventure. They had the most crazy adventures from skydiving to swimming…

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  • Personal Narrative: If I Had To Visit Miami

    If I could visit anywhere in the world, I would visit Miami, Florida. I want to visit Miami so that I can enjoy the beach front condos on the water. I really love being able to step out on my porch and enjoy the scenery of the beach. The beaches in Florida are very nice and have very clear water. The beaches in Florida also do not have a lot of litter which allows people to enjoy it more. I really enjoy the the waves and water on the beach. I like to be able to slowly walk the shoreline and hear…

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  • If I Have To Be Hawaii

    If I was to proceed anywhere in this world I would probably have to be Hawaii. I would like it there because it has amazing weather with abundance of relaxation. I will totally arrange my trip for a week long. During that week I would want to try everything that they have got to offer. I would be open to try anything and everything as far as food, drink, and snack. The main reason I would go there is to just sit on the sand and watch that water. I don't think there could be nothing better than…

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  • Analysis: My Visit To Coliseum Park Nursing Home

    DATE I visit the Coliseum Park Nursing Home which is also called the Virginia Rehabilitation Center on October 27, 2015. LOCATION The location of the Coliseum Park Nursing Home is 305 Marcella Road in Hampton, Virginia. ASSISTANCE I assist with an activity with the senior citizens and assist the senior citizen to their rooms at my visit of the Coliseum Park Nursing Home. The Recreation Director, Deborah Adams gather the residents in a small room that was next to the dining room. We were going to…

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  • The Importance Of Lava Beds National Monument

    National Monument!" Would you like to hear this walking into a monument that was once covered in lava? Some students may argue to say they would not like to see this place, but if only they knew that they could get out of school for a day to go visit this beautiful place that nature created with thousands of tunnels and underground trails, they certainly would be more than happy to visit. Lava Beds National Monument is a monument that has multiple tunnels you could walk or even crawl…

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  • France And Hawaii Comparison Essay

    Have you ever been to Hawaii? Have you ever been to France? Would you rather go to Hawaii or go to France? Hawaii and France are very different but they are similar in many ways as well. For example Hawaii and France are different because Hawaii is a state but France is a country. They are similar because their both one of the most popular places to visit. Hawaii is made up of 8 islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe, Niihau, and the Hawaiian island. Hawaii is famous for its…

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  • A Trip To Hawaii Essay

    I would like to go to Maui, Hawaii. Maui, Hawaii has many colorful beaches and tourist activities. The weather is warm with lots of rain. However, when it is not raining, the scenery is amazing. The exotic colorful flowers and trees is a great reason to visit. Not to mention the colorful animals that live there. Maui is just such an amazing place that I would really like to visit. The island has many national landmarks. Three great landmarks in Maui are Haleakala, Molokini Crater, and Dragons…

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  • Museum Display Religious Art

    Do you think that a museum is the appropriate place to display religious art? How did the stories of violence and breakage affect how you feel about the display of relics from multiple religions in one facility or building? Would you visit this museum or one like it? Yes I believe that a museum is an appropriate place to display religious art. Quite honestly I don’t know why anyone would have a problem with it. Museums are made for just this purpose, to give the attendee a since of history, be…

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  • I Love To Visit Hawaii Research Paper

    Homework is stressful. Am I right? Wouldn’t a vacation be amazing right now? Warm sands... Breathtaking sunsets... Fascinating animals... And exciting adventures... One place in the world I would like to visit is… Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Hawaii! I would love to visit to Hawaii because of the thrilling experiences and the beautiful, natural scenery and wildlife. First, there are many activities I would like to try if I visit Hawaii. Some…

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