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  • Education In High School Life

    the most important aspects of life is education. Throughout the four years you are in high school and the four years you are in college, there are a lot of different factors that affect your life. I broke down life into three categories: cost, social, and guidance. Cost refers to the payments you have to make to get your education, such as eating and studying. Social describes the need for a social presence and having friends. Lastly guidance points to the amount of help and support you get from other people. The lifestyle while attending a college is more diverse and gives you freeway to grow as a young adult. Although there are a lot of differences between college and high school education standards, they are more similar than they seem. They both have teachers, test, homework, books, and exams. The courses offered in both are also…

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  • Importance Of Life In High School

    When I was an infant, I was trained and educated as someone that would be able to approach others and becomes friendly with anyone around me. I grew up with the tradition of calling each people’s names before I eat, and I even say ‘hi’ to every people that either I just knew or even I already knew for a long period of time. My shameless traits has become somewhat a benefit to my education life, as I want to take Marketing major. As someone who is vigorously active, I started to participate as…

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  • My Life Of High School

    12 years of school seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. I can 't believe I am already about to be graduating and pursuing the rest of my life. To me, this is truly a sad time. Not because I believe high school was the highlight of my life either. I am just heavy hearted to lose contact with some of my closest friends. Elementary through high school has been a crazy exciting time, but I realize it has been this way because of the people I share all of the memories with. I started my…

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  • Purpose Of High School Life

    My how school life comprised of friends, family, homework, tests, and regrettably not enough studying. I lived in a household that was being torn apart slowly, yet no matter the situation I was always told “make sure you keep studying to do well in school”. My family always cared about me and did their best to encourage me for school and to have studying be an important part of my life. However, being a teenager, I always thought differently, it was important, but not the sole purpose of high…

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  • Teenagers: Life After High School

    A lot of our teenagers today think their parents owe them everything. They do not want to listen, whether it is at home or school.. At an early age they believe that they already have livesfe figured out. These teenagers have a lot to learn for the life they have in front of them. For teenagers on a path to success, graduatingcoming out of high school and going out into the real world has to be a challenge. They go from living under their parent’s wings to a world of decision making on their…

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  • Essay About High School Life

    Throughout my entire childhood and most of my teenage years life was simple. My parents were immigrants from Egypt who came here with very little to give me a better life. This made them over protective of me to say the least. Thanks to them and many wonderful teachers for the 12 years I attended school I felt as if I had a safety net underneath me. There was always someone looking out for my best interest and helping to ensure I succeeded. What they didn’t teach me was that the life style…

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  • Life After High School Summary

    article, “Life After High School”, is an informative and reflective delve into the society acclaimed experience of high school, written by Annie Murphy Paul of Time Magazine. Using academic investigations, personal experience, and several keen examples, Paul addresses the relationship between social and academic status in high school, to success thereafter. Throughout the reading, Paul points out how the primary social aspects of high school such as, popularity, identification of an individual…

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  • Life After High School Essay

    Graduating high school is supposed to be the most magical and freeing time of any young-adult’s life; at least that is what the movies would like everyone to believe. Coming into the “real world” straight from high school can actually be a terrifying time. Like a colt attempting to walk after coming from his mother’s womb, learning to support oneself is extremely demanding. The expectation of graduating high school was that I would have no more school, have fun all the time, be independent, and…

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  • Life After Leaving High School

    Life after high school Before leaving High School many people do not known what to do after leaving due to the fact there life is unplanned as they leave. Only a few people they have the mindset of knowing what they want to do or be after leaving High School. I am one those People. At the age of 10 I already knew that I wanted to be a Marriage Counselors. There are numerous things that I want to pursue other than being a Marriage Counselors. For instance I want to travel the world and eat,…

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  • High School Life Research Paper

    Transitioning from high school to college was a BIG change for me. There are so many new faces and experiences to be had in college, but growing up in a town with a population of 4,000, you don’t really get to see many new faces. I am hoping within my next 3 ½ years here at Lincoln, I will grow as a person and as a woman, like I never could in the small town I grew up in. High school was not “the best time of my life”, in fact it was probably the worst time of my life. I never really liked…

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