Student Dress Codes Essay

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  • Student Dress Code Essay

    cited, getting significantly more citations than boys do for dress code. Girls report that they feel embarrassed or ashamed by school authorities when cited, which has a negative impact on girls’ confidence and sense of self. Because girls have more fashion options than boys, they are subjected to more attention to the dress codes, however transgendered students also have higher rates of citations because they do not wear what is expected of their sex, even if it falls within dress code regulations. Dress codes affect students because they limit freedom of expression through their clothing and empower school authorities to regulate student identity. An article in The Atlantic by Li Zhou called “The Sexism of School…

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  • Student Dress Code Analysis

    Dress codes are a set of rules and regulations that outline the acceptable styles of dress for students. These guidelines reflect broader social norms and values of society that schools consequently inherit. As a result, dress codes are a product of societal norms that restrict and shape student individuality. These limitations on student dress can vary in restrictive extremes, one extreme being totalitarian control over student dress by implementing school uniforms. The oppressive implications…

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  • Student Dress Codes Essay

    Another significant problem with student dress codes is that they are only temporary fixes to major problems such as stereotyping, bullying, violence, and substandard grades. These problems need to be faced each individually and with a specific set of instruments in order to effectively counteract the destruction these problems can cause. One must attack the seed of each problem destroying the roots to make sure said problem never occurs again. When one looks at a student and says he cannot…

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  • Student Dress Codes

    Dress codes, in today’s society, have been an increasing topic with all of the different fashion trends that have been going around, and whether or not they are all school appropriate. Dress codes in schools should be enforced because it improves most of the students academics, safety, and attitude. Dress codes are proven to increase a students academics. Many schools with strict dress codes, believe that the students who are well-dressed are more likely to perform well in the classroom…

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  • Dress Codes To Let Students Chew Gum In High School

    Is it just me or have the rules gone by the wayside. It is a problem for some teachers who are letting students chew gum in class, talk to other classmates during the class time, getting up a walking around without permission, or even messing around the hallways. Student are getting away with a lot of unacceptable behavior. Not only that, I noticed that the dress codes have been loosened. I have seen boys walking around with their pants halfway down their rear-end and girls wearing really tight…

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  • Student Dress Code Research

    In some cases, people like to set up rules for dress codes based on different occasions and their distinct social status (Peluchette, Karl, and Rust, 2006). At private schools, school regulation require students to wear their school uniforms. The school badge on the coats not only shows those students come from a prestigious school, but also represents those high-talented students' ability to get in those private schools. In addition, when people are invited to different occasions, organizers…

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  • Why Are Dress Codes Unfair

    Are dress codes unfair, or should their arms be bare? Dress codes have been placed in schools for years, and many of them are to enforce respect in schools. Others, take a more judge mental stance, where they shame girls for wearing revealing clothes distract male students. Dress codes are sexist because they are mainly directed towards female students, they make girls uncomfortable and they teach students that a girl's body is sexualised. First, dress codes are directed at female students.…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Dress Code In Schools

    Schools all around the world suffer dress code policy at their school, and enforcing it and keeping everyone happy. It’s safe to say that dress code at South Iredell High school is a pressing issue that is affecting students every day. Dress code is outrageous, not allowing students to wear leggings, tank tops, or even headbands. As crazy as this seems it’s true in fact teachers and administration will give students detention, or ask them to go home and change during the middle of the day. After…

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  • Why Do Schools Have Strict Dress Codes

    States have an enforced dress code that gives out restrictions on what students can wear, but many schools have thought about creating a stricter dress code so that their students would have to dress more professionally. By doing so, they believe that their students will improve in academics and that they will pay more attention in class, but having a strict dress codes will end up causing a lot more problems, and it will take away the individuality of students. School administrators believe…

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  • Essay On Dress Codes In Schools

    Dress Codes are way too strict! Although many schools have strict dress codes, dress codes should be banned from public schools. Clothing as a primary mean of expressing, the pressure of dress codes, and pointing mostly towards girls. The concern of dress code at public and private schools is questioning government as schools. (“What’s Fair and Unfair about School Dress Codes”). The first school dress code law was established in 1969 by the U.S. Supreme Court. The case, known as “Tinker vs. Des…

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