Student Dress Codes Essay

  • The Pros And Cons Of Student Dress Code

    Another significant problem with student dress codes is that they are only temporary fixes to major problems such as stereotyping, bullying, violence, and substandard grades. These problems need to be faced each individually and with a specific set of instruments in order to effectively counteract the destruction these problems can cause. One must attack the seed of each problem destroying the roots to make sure said problem never occurs again. When one looks at a student and says he cannot achieve simply based on his dress then the problem of stereotyping is at hand. In order to fight this problem we need to attack one 's thinking. We need to teach our students that judging someone based off looks is the wrong action, and that we should rather…

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  • The Misogynist Ruling Analysis

    they know it will stay warm outside, you do not want to feel too hot, and you want to be comfortable so you are wearing a tank top and shorts. The schools dress code does not permit anything that goes above the knee or anything that shows your shoulders as that is considered provocative for being a young girl. One of your teachers calls you out in front of the whole class to slut shame you for trying to be comfortable and to dress accordingly to the weather. How does this make you feel? You are…

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  • The Importance Of Dress Code In Schools

    school in the United States have adopted a dress code for their students. states that as of 2008, 22 states in the U.S. had authorized school districts to institute dress codes and or uniform policies. gives a number of reasons why schools should not have a dress code, but there is always those against not having a dress code. Certain schools do have standards of what the students may wear. There is numerous parents and staff members against having a dress code.…

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  • Essay On School Dress Codes

    School Dress Codes Dress codes in schools have been implemented for some time now. While dress codes are primarily put in place to secure an effective learning environment, they subject students to many detrimental effects. Noelle Swan stated, “There’s a reason that this conversation is so difficult; it involves issues of self image, freedom of expression, and gender politics all wrapped up in an argument,” (Swan). Dress codes receive opposition for many reasons, one being that they take any…

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  • The Importance Of Sexist School Dress Codes

    Sexist School Dress Codes Changing clothes, embarrassed faces, and angry students have been a result of the dress code. All around the country, the school dress codes are getting harsher and harsher each year. Many of these rules have caused discomfort in many female students across the nation. The school dress code is unfairly directed towards females, it sexualizes the female body, and humiliates students whenever they get chastised for breaking the rules. As the school dress codes get more…

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  • Dress Code Issues

    Dress Code is one of the biggest issues that public schools face. There are two opposing sides for the issue. One side sees that having a Dress Code for the school is very helpful for the students, not only academically but to help keep the students equal. The other side of the issue sees Dress Code as a way for student not being able to show free speech. Female students feel they are being categorized as a distraction because of what they wear. It should be noted that Dress Codes and School…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Dress Codes In Schools

    United States of America enforce dress codes. The schools include preschools, elementary schools, intermediate schools, junior high schools and high schools. Some of these schools are very strict on their dress codes and others have a specific school uniform that students are required to wear. A number of schools execute punishments to students who break the dress code. These punishments include in school suspension (ISS), out of school suspension, expulsion, and even wearing a white jumpsuit…

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  • The Importance Of Dress Code Essay

    Misogyny Starts with a Dress Code School dress codes started with a simple goal: to keep students safe and undistracted in a learning environment. However, many schools have taken this policy to the extreme. Hundreds of girls are sent home and humiliated each day at school for wearing shorts or a tank top in the summer season. Many female students are not permitted to wear tighter jeans, despite their youthful age. The strictly enforced dress codes in schools are extremely harmful to a young…

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  • The Dangers Of School Dress Codes

    How would you feel if your student were sent home due to a dress code violation? On an outfit that you thought was acceptable? Would you complain to the school board, or tell your child that they cannot wear that anymore? Many parents have controversial feelings towards dress codes and when their child becomes victim to violating it they are often not pleased. Multiple students cannot drive; so when they disregard the school 's dress code, their parents have to pause whatever they are doing to…

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  • Argument In Defense Of The Dress Code: A Critical Look

    Dress Code: a Critical Look The school bell rings, and the students all file into their first class. The teacher enters the classroom and looks them over with a critical eye. “Smith!” The teacher points at the only kid in the room that is different. Amidst the sea of brown, black, and blonde hair, hers is a bright, fluorescent, pink. Her cheeks heat and she stops trying to pull her homework out of her bag. Some of her classmates snicker as the teacher orders her to the Principal 's office, while…

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