My First New Car Essay

  • Descriptive Essay On My First Car

    My First Car As people grow, they start to do new things, learn new things, and say new things. One of the biggest thing that anyone to everyone will do once they become teenagers is drive. Not every teenager gets the chance to drive at first. Some people don’t get to drive until they are older than twenty-one. Driving in todays’ society is either a necessity or just something people want to do. First time driving can go a few different ways. Some people can be scared, while others can be excited. Different feelings can go through peoples’ mind and body. When I drove first it wasn’t with my first car. This was with my dad’s vehicle. My first car made my driving experience better. The day that I drove I didn’t expect to not only drive, but to drive a good distance. This was the first ever time I drove a vehicle by myself. Not only did I had to drive this vehicle I had to do it with a truck bed full of stuff that could easily fall out. This made me very nervous, but it also meant that I was now able to drive. This was back when I was sixteen. Never really had any training or experience with the truck. In a way I just replicated how my parents drive the truck. I had to follow my dad in his other truck full of stuff. I tried not to drive for the fact that I never done it before. Honestly, I did very well. My parents were surprised the way I drove the truck, especially when it was full of trash. Keep in mind that the truck that I was driving was not my personal car. I never…

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  • Driverless Cars Essay

    permits and licenses are no longer needed. This new age has come faster than most people expected because driverless cars are here. People thought “Transformers” was just a movie but now, can it be a reality? Although not all cars will be controlled by itself, driverless vehicles will be both autonomous and man powered, they will soon advance to where they are completely autonomous.The day of man-powered vehicles is coming to an end. Used more in the Future? The article “Driverless car…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day I Changed My First Car

    real our dreams and achieve our goals. Since I was a kid, cars were one of my biggest passions. I've always dreamed about the day I would be able to have a car of my own, and drive wherever I want to go and without depending on a taxi or on someone else. The day I bought my first car was a day I will never forget and it was the beginning of a long path I am following in order to become who I want to be, and achieve every single goal I have. It was Summer time, June the 30th 2015, I was…

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  • The Influence Of A Car Changed My Life

    Today, I am currently dealing with a new cheese and old cheese situation. I originally wrote this paper about switching to another high school after my freshman year, but my paper was lost when I had a car accident. So, I decided to write my new paper on how that accident has changed my life and how the book is helping me get through it. On Wednesday, December 30, 2016, at approximately 2:30pm my life changed. I was driving to College Station when all of a sudden my car caught some loose gravel…

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  • Personal Essay: The Day I Received My First Car?

    I can remember the day I received my first car, It was six months after my sixteenth birthday, and I had already managed to somehow acquire my drivers license. It was April, the flowers were blooming, the weather had changed from bitter cold, to a warm and inviting temperature. I had just gotten home from school and my dad shouts, “Micaiah, let’s go check out some cars.” My heart was exploding with excitement, the thought of me actually being able to have a car of my own was the best news so…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Figure 8 Race

    Max Bultena Mrs. Thill Black 3 November 23rd, 2016 My First Figure 8 Race It was a hot fall night at the Turner County Fair. I smell all the food that I have been eating and all the animals that I have been petting since I was two. I can hear the familiar sounds of children screaming from the carnival rides and I feel at home at the turner county fair because I have been going since I was two for one main reason, to support my dad racing in the Figure 8. My dad has been racing in the figure 8…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Dream Come True

    feel of a brand new car. Lucky for me at the age of nineteen I was fortunate enough to find that out for myself. After working to save seventeen hundred dollars my mom and I drove to the Honda dealer to go get the car of my dreams. There it was, either it seemed like they knew I was coming, or everywhere I looked the car was there. A black on black coupe EX Honda Civic, power locks, power windows, sunroof, alloy wheels, and the best part was that it was a stick shift. Sitting inside the car for…

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  • Music In The 1960s

    however, have not been around for that long. It was not for a long time till cars became what they are today, where people practically worship them. The car culture in today’s society is defined by performance and enjoyment. The event that I attended in order to experience and do research on car culture and car radio’s was the 2016 Endurance for Veterans Benefit Car Show on October 8, 2016 at Sonny’s Place, 49 Main Street Somers, CT 06071. I decided to attend this show because they were…

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  • Happiness: The Story Of A Happy Experience As A Consumer

    most of the time of my family to take me to the places I needed to go. For that reason, I needed to have my own transportation, before starting studies at ECU University. I decided to take more hours in my job to save more money to buy a reliable car. My dream car is a Honda Civic, color gray and with a sports look. I prefer to buy and not to have a lease. My parents have a very strong brand loyalty towards Honda, because their cars are reliable, easy to maintain and durable. I prepared a six…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day I Got My First Car

    One of the most important days in my short 17 year old life is the day I got my first car. Before owning a car I had to barrow my parents’ cars to go anywhere. My parents only had two useable cars, they were usually used by them every day, therefore I had no means of self-transportation to school, to CPCC, or to see friends. This was very inconvenient for me and my family. As the days progressed it became more obvious that this was a serious problem. So my parents and I went out to seek a…

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