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  • Human Emotions In The Scarlett Letter

    is that human emotions are universal and like Plato said. “ All human actions arrive from desire, passion, and reason” In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlett Letter we see all of these. But there are three major emotions that are created throughout the novel, and aids the reader get the idea of human nature and his emotions are human frailty, hypocrisy and the possibility of redemption. These feelings are universal and have been around since Pilgrimage times, and will be around long after we are gone. Hester Prynne is described as a beautiful woman “ The young woman was tall, with a figure of perfect elegance, on a large scale.” Nathaniel Hawthorne does not give us the background needed to know how things unfolded between Hester and the minister, Hawthorne allows us to imagine the desire that lead to an affair, but makes it clear that they both committed a great sin. Hester committed the sin of adultery while Dimmesdale committed the sin to go against his principles as a preaching minister. The sin that they committed would not go unnoticed, until a child would be born out of it. This would take us to one of…

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  • Theme Of Human Emotions In 1984

    Aspects of Human Emotion and How It Fails in 1984 What makes us human? Is it they way we look or maybe the way we feel towards each other? Most people don’t notice that what makes us human is the amount sympathy and empathy we have. As well as small gestures of compassion we have toward others. But what happens when it’s all questioned and later thought to be wrong. Once it’s deemed wrong, we as human can not be human. We will soon become expected to be in a constant war, unable to our see…

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  • Human Emotion And Decision-Making Analysis

    1.0 Introduction Human emotion contributes to decision-making process, however, it has always been viewed as an impediment in the quest of sensible decisions. Consequently, any exhaustive account of foreign policy-decision making should consider the impact of emotion such as anger, humiliation, revenge or fear when arriving at some decisions. Leaders – who run states – all over make decisions based on their own personalities, cultural values, experience, and basic emotion at a particular time.…

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  • Human Affection: One Of The Greatest Human Emotions

    A human, a primate species that walks the face of the Earth, is defined by the complex emotions that they produce, otherwise unachievable by other species. Human emotions are still a mystery to most people, by seeing how quickly we are able to change to one emotion to another. The fact we are even able to be able to have all of these emotions is remarkable. As researchers dig deeper they find out unique or emotions are and many other things that are able to categorize us as humans. Sympathy is…

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  • Role Of Human Emotion In Frankenstein

    Human emotion. Scientists have been studing it for centuries, exploring the vast areas if the human brain. People have tried to understand how human emotional responses work. They've tried to mimic them as well, but have failed to do so. In Mary Shellys fictional sci-fi novel, Frankenstein, a bright but obsessvive scientist named Victor Frankentsein breaks the bounds of nature. He creates a unappealing human-like monster that he immediately despises. When Victor first sees his creation, the…

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  • Existentialism And Human Emotions Analysis

    In Existentialism and Human Emotions, Sartre addresses specific charges against existential thought, defends existentialism, and situates his own ethics of existential thought among other thinkers. Sartre begins addressing the charge that existential thought is in the same ethical realm as nihilism, meaning that if there is no transcendent meaning or objective standard then there is no inherent meaning in the world and, in result, that nothing matters. Sartre explains this nihilistic view of…

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  • Frankenstein: Why Humans Bother With Emotions

    To Be Human Robin Wasserman once said,“They had battled in bloodied one another, they had kept secrets, broken hearts, lied, betrayed, exiled, they had walked away, stayed, said goodbye and sworn it was forever, and somehow, every time, they had mended, they had forgiven, they had survived. Some mistakes could never be fixed - some, not all.” Throughout many years, science has been teaching us the anatomy of our body and mind, but we have yet to uncover what exactly the capacity our mind and…

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  • Aspects Of Human Emotion In George Orwell's 1984

    Aspects of Human Emotion and How it Fails in 1984 What makes us human? Is it the way we look or maybe the way we feel towards each other? Most people do not notice that what makes us human is the amount of sympathy and empathy we have for each other. One of which are the small gestures of compassion we have toward others. What happens when it is all questioned, like in Orwell’s book, then later thought to be wrong? Once it is deemed wrong, we as humans cannot be human. Soon we become expected to…

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  • Medea Is About Extremes In Human Emotion Analysis

    ‘Medea is about extremes in human emotion.’ Discuss. It is within the very nature of humans to be captivated by extreme emotions, yet within his Greek tragedy Medea, Euripides also demonstrates the extent to which we are bound by idyllic values of social order. This disjunction founded upon passion and reason is best contextualised by the gripping antithesis between Medea and Jason respectively. While Medea is the embodiment of barbaric excess, Jason is the unadulterated archetype of Greek…

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  • Complexity Of Human Emotion By Raymond Carver Analysis

    Complexity of Human Emotion. Carver begins to reveal the true colors of the Millers, he does this to show the true human nature. In order to get his point across Carver uses complex imagery to portray the overall mood of the Millers relationship and to use the reader’s moral views to determine their personal perspective on the relationship. For instance “let’s go to bed he said, now? She laughed what’s gotten into you? Nothing. Take your dress off. He grabbed her awkwardly, and she said good…

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