Illiteracy in Pakistan Essay

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  • The Role Of India's External Security In India

    strengthened defence ties with the US and Europe, and has for the first time in a generation, opened direct dialogue with Pakistan. However, despite improving relations with India’s neighbours, Modi struggles in Kashmir due to superficially religious but more likely geopolitical issues. As the balance of power in South Asia shifts towards…

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  • Use Of Malalala Day Speech

    “Weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born” Malala uses the rule of three here also to demonstrate what the Taliban want her to feel after her attack and the following line demonstrates how she feels about it. The use of “died” and “born” being two contradicting statements in the same paragraph allows the listeners to interpret that in life or death situations you need strength power and courage. This could also interpreted as women’s rights to education in…

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  • Summary Of The Gods The Strange Rise Of Modern India

    “India’s cultural pedigree is indeed ancient. One of the world’s earliest civilizations existed in the Indus Valley in what is now Pakistan between approximately 3100 and 1700 BC.” (Luce, 145) This makes it understandable that even today India proudly cherishes its culture and traditions and that it in some aspects opposes the change and the Western influence. However, in its attempt to catch up with the world India looked up to the Western societies and changed its political image, economy and…

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  • Malala Dare The Taliban Take Away My Basic Right To An Education

    As an 11 year old, she was ready to risk her life in order to make a difference in society. Malala’s fearlessness is beyond inspiring to others. She never once wavered in her determination or let her age affect her presence and her voice. She was able to make a difference in society by encouraging other young girls and even boys to stand up for their rights. Malala encouraged the world to fight terrorism and illiteracy by “[picking] up our books and pens” (Yousafzai). She believes that “they are…

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  • Afghanistan Women's Rights Essay

    n November 2012, I was given the task of reporting on women’s issues around the world and this was an important part of my job description. My work has taken me around the globe, looking at human right’s violations and countries where the position of women is compromised in some way. However, a personal interest of mine (as a woman of Afghan heritage) is the position of women in Afghanistan, especially pertaining to the rule of the Taliban. In 1989, as a young teenager, I read Marie Claire’s…

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  • 'Blond Indian' By Ernestine Hayes Summary

    She has a deep understanding of her heritage and values. For example, she speaks of the wind and bears in high regard, as she was taught that they are her family (grandfather and cousin respectively). On the other hand, Hayes also demonstrates cultural illiteracy. For example, when asked by her classmate to bring a birthday gift to her party, she didn’t know the customs of what to bring or how to present it. In another setting, Hayes had difficulty understanding “The Princess and the Pea” She…

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  • Targeted For Equality For Women

    Before the terrorist attack of September 11th, the world was really aware of conditions in Afghanistan. Although at war, The U.S. brought hope to these people. For the last decade, Americans have created fundraisers and organizations in order to raise awareness of the problems in the middle east. While improvements have been made, it’s not enough. Today, there are still plenty of girls going without an education. Women still are without basic rights.Along with that, violence against women is…

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  • Importance Of Literacy: Lifelong Learning

    Literacy: Lifelong learning Literacy as we know today is a basic fundamental human right and is the foundation for a lifelong learning experience. Literacy is more than just the ability to read and write, but it is more on the side of being able to comprehend what you are mainly reading and writing. For someone who cannot read nor write is called an illiterate person, and what illiteracy means is not having the ability to read or write. But with literacy, I feel like it gives me more confidence,…

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  • Kevin Swander's Essay: The Rules Of Pakistani Women

    that comes with it. In Pakistan , there are different rules that people are required to obey. One of the may amendments in the Pakistani Constitution says, “There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex”(Article 25). Yet, this law has been ignored by the Pakistanis time and time again. Thus, there should be stricter enforcement of that law to guarantee that Pakistani women are treated equally both in and out of their household. Pakistani women aren’t treated as Pakistani men are. Jibeen…

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  • Analysis Of Jonathan Kozol's The Human Cost Of An Illiterate Society

    mind to many perspectives while still educating them. Like Socrates, the future and current leaders of society should not neglect illiterates to help this generation and many more to come. Although he did not have the best attitude, he made one of the greatest impacts on the world of literacy because he did not ignore them. Current and future leaders should also take many positive examples from Socrates for the better of society and themselves. Not matter what undesirable personality traits…

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