Soccer Changed My Life Essay

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  • How Soccer Changed My Life

    Since third grade, I have continued to play soccer but, my sister moved out because she went to college. In 2008 many changes and exciting events were occurring to the United States, Barack Obama was elected president, the market crashed which caused the recession, and the US women’s soccer team won the 2008 summer Olympics. Although, many changes were occurring in 2008, it was the start of something that has remained in my life, my, love for soccer. I started playing traveling soccer because my church league soccer coach told me I needed to be playing at a higher level and I wanted to be better and play soccer in college. I will never forget my first year playing on a competitive soccer team. Although, I dreaded it at most times the challenges it gave me taught me that hard work and dedication pay off. From this first year of soccer I grew as a person and an athlete which lead me to love the sport and continuing playing at a high level of soccer till this day. In 2008 I played on my first team, Concorde Fire Black. We traveled many places including Disney World where we placed second in the National Disney Showcase. Our team name is now named United Football Association Gold, but I still play with the girls I started playing soccer with. We still continue to travel and win many tournaments, last year we won our division. Playing and loving soccer is something that hasn’t changed in my life and I hope it never will.…

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  • How Soccer Changed My Life Essay

    June 18 2014 changed my life forever. I was playing soccer and there was less than five minutes left in the game. My one leg planted as I pivoted around a defender. I heard a crack and I went down. That one moment changed everything that I thought I knew my life was. I had played soccer since I was three. I loved it, everything about the game was fun. I had played all the positions over the years, but forward was definitely my favourite. I especially loved playing forward in the outdoor…

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  • How Soccer Changed My Life Research Paper

    Soccer is a sport that is played all around the world; over 24 million people play soccer including myself, around 90,000 players get injured in this sport each year. Sports have always been a major part of my life since I was able to walk and talk. Around two years ago when I was a sophomore in high school the game changed my entire life forever. After many long, hard practices my team was finally in the Conference Tournament for the first time in years. The game was a couple days away but you…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Participating In Soccer Changed My Life

    Participating in soccer during my high school years changed my outlook and achievement toward success in education and life. Before my freshman year of high school, I limited the amount of impossible challenges I would take on because the fear of the unknown. Joining the boy’s soccer team altered my perception of what I could achieve. The summer before my freshman year I tried out for soccer and made the freshman team. I was somewhat disappointed, but was determined to show my coaches I had…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Soccer Changed My Life

    The roar of the engine sends my heart racing as I pull out on to the track, one lap around and we are off, trucks at my side as we glide around the turns. The slick dirt pulling my back end around I move my hands, my automatic controls, the only thing keeping me from spinning out. It’s funny really because clichés aren’t my thing, however, at times idioms are just the thing to describe a situation or time period in one’s life, for instance the saying that “life is a roller coaster” couldn’t be…

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  • College Admissions Essay: How Soccer Changed My Life

    am today. But there is only one occasion that solidly marked my transition from my childhood. I was bored, walking alone one afternoon around the new neighborhood I had just moved in, when a ball slowly rolled to my feet. Casually, I kicked it back and somehow it turned to an amazing goal. The kids applauded and pulled me in for a random soccer game. That was how it all started, when I began growing fond of soccer. Bringing my childhood hobby to secondary school, I signed up for a soccer club.…

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  • Young Life Purpose

    I feel the purpose of the Young Life ministry is to show students the power of God and teach them how to start or continue on in their faith journey all while having fun and being in a safe environment. Young Life shows that learning about God doesn’t only have to be a serious but can also be fun and with friends. Some fun ways include going to club and paying games then listening to a leader speak or going camp and listening to talks by the guest speaker. At both of these you are able to have…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Soccer Player

    easy to give up an imminent career as soccer player when I was younger; one of the biggest teams selected me and everybody anticipated I would have an outstanding career in soccer… well, all except dad: my father had something else in mind for me and decided not to support the dream of my life. At the beginning it was hard to believe, unfair, selfish. Then we had a conversation and I learnt that he pursued a career in soccer when he was seventeen, contrary to my grandparents desire for his only…

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  • Personal Narrative: All State Vacation

    waiting for had begun. I was singing my heart out for my annual All State Audition. The butterflies in my stomach almost eating me alive, knowing I had made it the past two years and could not make a mistake, I had to be perfect. In an instant, my eyes wandered and lost my spot in the music which I was currently singing from. I had messed up, big time. There was no way i could recover from this accident. I was sure to be done for. Nothing made sense and there was no reason at all why that should…

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  • The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake By Henrik Ibsen

    Both those feelings can be prevented by a loving and supportive family life. According to an online article written by the Mental Health Foundation titled Depression, depression can cause many negative impacts to your health, in both mind and body.Depression can show itself through many types of symptoms such as “Tiredness and loss of energy, difficulty concentrating, feeling anxious all the time, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, insomnia, loss of appetite, physical aches and pains,…

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