Electrical Engineering Essay

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  • Electrical Engineering Research Paper

    There are over forty varieties of engineering offered at the University level. Engineers have influenced everyday life through different discoveries and inventions. One of these inventions was the light bulb invented by Thomas Edison who is credited with being one of the world’s first electrical engineers. Electrical engineering requires a vast array of skills and talents, but offers numerous opportunities for employment along with several perks such as traveling and the knowledge to solve almost any problem. Electrical engineering dates back to William Gilbert, the father of electrical engineering, in the 19th century. Gilbert invented the versorium, a device that detects static electricity. Although a versorium will not be found in every…

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  • Virtue Ethics In Electrical Engineering

    How to be a great Electrical Engineer --- Analysis on virtue ethics of Electrical Engineers With increasing demands of new technologies, engineers have an essential role in human’s life nowadays. Mechanical engineers, chemical engineers and many other types of engineers are trying their best to bring the best and safest technologies to human society. Among these varieties of engineers, electrical engineers play an important role in numerous fields. An electrical engineer has varieties of…

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  • The Importance Of Electrical And Computer Engineering

    Electrical and Computer Engineering has developed tremendously over the hundredth year. As the world continues to grow smarter from new inventions and expansions, the possibility of further refining the engineering curriculum was brought up. It is vital to take into consideration efficiency, effectiveness, and resourcefulness when it comes to learning, as well as teaching. Ambitious engineers will need to acquire key ideas, including social, cultural, and specialized concepts in order to be…

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  • Electrical Engineering Vs Electrical Engineer

    Engineering is a branch of science and technology that deals with design, building, and the use of engines, machines, and structure. There are a lot of carries within the enormous branch that people refer to as engineering. The two branches that got my attention were electrical engineer and mechanical engineer. Since this two branches deal with different aspects of engineering, I will be talking about engineering as a big branch. Therefore, Engineering has responsibilities that help the worker…

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  • Electrical Engineering Personal Statement

    Since graduating from Weber State University (WSU) with a Bachelors of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology (BSEET) in 2010, I have been working as an engineer in many capacities. Recently, I was promoted to a technical leadership position, and have realized that most engineers will face the decision in their careers to stay technical or to pursue a management path. It is because of my desire to delve deeper into the technical aspects of my work that I am applying for admissions to the…

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  • Statement Of Purpose: M. S In Electrical And Computer Engineering

    Objective: M.S in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Major: Signal and Image Processing) Statement of Purpose From my perspective, excellent electronic engineers are a group of gifted and imaginative talents who bravely explore and innovate, change the world with passion and innovation. I have always dreamed of becoming an outstanding electronic engineer and making my due contribution to the development of electronic technology and human society. In order to fulfill this dream, I started…

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  • Statement Of Purpose In Electrical, Computer And Energy Engineering

    with specialized knowledge to invent and enhance technology for this ever changing world. I am confident that a PhD degree from the Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder will serve as a link between the potential and this career goal of mine. My passion to study engineering grew when I got GPA 5 out of 5 in the Secondary School Certificate examination being the only student to achieve a talent pool scholarship from my school that year.…

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  • Tesla And Thomas Edison Research Paper

    With an astounding 1,393 patents between them, there is no doubt that Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were proficient inventors. Both became interested in design and engineering at a young age, so it is hard not to compare the two. They worked for years creating and perfecting their various inventions. Edison is best known for creating a commercially viable light bulb, and Tesla is remembered for his contributions to the design of alternating current electricity. Though Edison is more well known,…

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  • Case Study: Direct Current (DC) Motors

    daily life activities are powered by electric motors. Motors transform electrical energy to mechanical energy, hence they are essential for energy conversions in electrical machines. All types of electrical motors are made up of a stationary field referred to a stator and a rotating field referred to a rotor. According to Krishnan, (2010), DC motors operate through the interaction of an electric current with magnetic flux to generate a torque and rotational speed. D.C motors are of different…

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  • The Role Of Electrical Instrumentation Technology

    Electrical Instrumentation is a very well field to go into since there are very many job opportunities in any plant that produces something. For anyone who comes out of this program has a broad range of opportunities to peruse. I researched three different jobs that have a requirement of Electrical Instrumentation Technology (EIT). The first job that will be discussed is a Power Generation Engineer at CPS Energy. The second job is Electrical instrumentation technician at a Canadian…

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