Virtue Ethics In Electrical Engineering

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How to be a great Electrical Engineer
--- Analysis on virtue ethics of Electrical Engineers
With increasing demands of new technologies, engineers have an essential role in human’s life nowadays. Mechanical engineers, chemical engineers and many other types of engineers are trying their best to bring the best and safest technologies to human society. Among these varieties of engineers, electrical engineers play an important role in numerous fields. An electrical engineer has varieties of skills. They have excellent math, science and computer skills. However, being professional is not the only factor to be a great electrical engineer. Having virtue of engineering is also an important element on the road to be an excellent electrical engineer.
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It’s particularly founded by Aristotle and it has three central concepts, virtue, practical wisdom and Eudaimonia.(I*) Accessed October 3rd, 2016). Virtue ethics emphasizes the role of habit in conduct and it statres that virtues are habits and that the good life is a life of mindless routine. Aristotle’s ethics give explanations to these three factors and it also provides the distinctions between each elements.
Telos, means the purpose and goal. Aristotle’s virtue ethics states that the telos is universal to all member of a particular kind or species. Aristotle stated that the society of human has same goals. For example, in engineering world, the purpose or goal of engineering is to design more efficient and developed technologies. All of engineers do their design and production work based on this telos. Virtue ethics states that the telos leads to the human nature. And the human nature leads to the second term,
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First, having a good purpose and goal for my career is fundamental. According to Aristotle’s virtue ethics, telos is the first and fundamental element to achieve happiness in human’s nature. In my own field, for example, if I get a chance to be a power electrical engineer fortunately, designing and creating more efficient and safer transmission and distribution circuits will be purpose and goal for me. Because if the goal is realized, it will contribute to developing our human society. In addition to a good telos, I also need to learn and train myself to be professional. For example, to ensure myself to be equipped with essential knowledge of electrical engineering before I start my career, I plan to study and take the FE exam to review all knowledge that I learnt. Moreover, studying how to work in group is also a compulsory for me, because engineering work always involves group works and being a great group leader or member can accelerate the process of working. Relying on good skills and characteristics, I think I will achiever my “eudaimonia” in my

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