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  • Commemorative Speech Critique

    For my self-critique assessment, I chose to critique my commemorative speech, which was on basketball. Overall, I think that I did a good job on this speech, but there is always room for improvement. First, I think that I had a lot of good aspects to this speech, which include that: I picked a topic that I was passionate about, discussed various life lessons that someone can learn from playing the game of basketball, elaborated on why I feel it should be commemorated, and incorporated some mistakes and rhetorical devices that added value to my speech. As a whole, I think that my speech proved how much of my time and effort that I’ve invested into the game of basketball as well as how much I’ve been through in order to keep playing (ex: injuries). For this assignment, I found it much harder to think about the positives of my speech because I always find more areas of improvement. In…

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  • Reflective Essay: A Critique Of My Speech

    taking this speech class, I had no idea how much time and effort great speakers put into their speeches. They must be able to immediately grab their audience’s attention, they must be able to make what they are saying exciting and worth knowing, and they must also deliver their speech in a unique way, so that they can continue to keep the audience’s attention throughout the duration of the speech. Until I sat down and critiqued my speech and realized that even though I thought I was very well…

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  • Guantanamo Bay Reflection Essay

    After reading the comments of my peers from project two. I can confidently say that the majority of the class liked my piece about Guantanamo Bay. I am extremely grateful for the ones that liked it gave me positive feedback. I am also grateful to the people that critiqued my work. This will allow me to go back and make the changes I need to make my piece that much stronger. The critique that came out the most was the critique of me not having a clear-cut audience. I am aware of that mistake and…

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  • Scientist Thorne's Study

    This theory says that children are bodies born without knowledge and a mind of their own. This is critiqued because the central tenets all conclude that children are their own beings with their own thought process. It is not accurate to say that children are waiting for influence because they are still people with their own will. The second critique that goes along with this theory is that children and childhood are seen as the same thing. This is a common misconception, because childhood opens…

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  • Informative Speech Critique

    After reviewing my critique forms and grade sheets for perspectives on informative speech I have come to the conclusion that I am a more charismatic person than I thought I was and it made me think about how differently I perceive myself from how others did. My strengths included my great vocal quality and how I am able to maintain a confident yet enthusiastic composure as I was speaking, even though I was shaking and fumbling my words on the inside. Also how my facial expressions and tone was…

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  • Public Speech Critique

    Critique of a Public Speech In the speech, "How to Spot a Liar," Pamela Meyer discusses how people lie and what we can do to help spot lies easily. Overall this is a very strong speech. It has a few weaknesses, like average visual aids, but for the most part, the speech is very intriguing. This is a very well given speech, due to the speakers knowledge of the subject, her ability to keep the audience's attention, and her use of humor. The Speech took place at a Ted talk convention in an…

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  • Guest Speaker Critique: Benny Agosto's Speech

    Guest Speaker Critique The first presentation I watch of Benny Agosto. He is an attorney personal injury trial at law, and very well republished who talked about topic persuasion-the power to persuade toward audiences. The presentation was very well organized and interesting. For instance, some of the keys that he discussed was the definition of argue which is “to make a case for a judgment or opinion” and we seem to argue a lot in our daily life that we don’t even know it. However, persuading…

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  • A Critique Of Martin Luther King's Speech

    all had the responsibility to act. The last card played at the heartstrings of the audience which was the father card, Parents all have a sense of want for their children. They yearn to deliver experiences they were not able to have. With hope King announced,“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”(King, 1963) There were a multitude of cards that were possible to…

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  • Critique Of An Informative Speech On Gun Control

    Kattie, you did a very fine job on informing the class about gun control and the issues of having guns on campus. For the most part, your speech was easy to follow, but I should caution you and tell you to not be afraid to use transitional phrases as you speak. I felt like there were transitional phrases here and there, but not as much as it should have been. In addition, even though, there was a situation where you was not able to use your visual aids, you still did very good on getting your…

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  • Self Critique

    In my self-critique to follow I will choose to lay out my response in the format to follow. First, I will address the strongest part and/or element of my speech. Second, in similar fashion I will also do the polar opposite as my first point and evaluate my weakest part and/or element of my speech. Lastly, as I watched the speech I personally jotted down some notes to make comments purposefully for this self-critique piece and for improving myself for my next presentation , so I will highlight…

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