Statement Of Purpose In Electrical, Computer And Energy Engineering

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Statement of Purpose
My decision to obtain a PhD degree is inspired by the desire to combine my creativity with specialized knowledge to invent and enhance technology for this ever changing world. I am confident that a PhD degree from the Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder will serve as a link between the potential and this career goal of mine.
My passion to study engineering grew when I got GPA 5 out of 5 in the Secondary School
Certificate examination being the only student to achieve a talent pool scholarship from my school that year. After that I got myself admitted into Notre Dame College, one of the most prominent colleges of Bangladesh. At this time I developed a wide knowledge
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I was really amazed to see how programming language controls everything we do with our computers.
In the subsequent years I learned software like MATLAB, PSpice, ORCAD, Export DSCH,
Export Microwind, Quartus-II, ADS, Simulink, Latex etc. I enjoyed subjects like Electronics,
Digital Electronics, Microprocessor & Interfacing, VLSI-I, VLSI-II, Processing & Fabrication
Technology, Optoelectronics and Solid State Devices. These subjects propelled me toward the exciting world of electronics. After my third year I got a chance to get involved in a month long industrial attachment. I was lucky to work with real scientists and visit different labs at Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission and Energypac Engineering Ltd. I was given
“Temperature Controller Using PID Control”to work on as my project. In my final year, I chose electronics as my major.
For my thesis, I joined hands with two of my friends to work on MESFET device under the supervision of Dr.Hossam-E-Haider. The thesis was titled “STUDY OF MESFET CHARACTERISTICS
AND ITS MODELING”. We studied two different models given by Tajima
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In the very first semester I was given to teach Fundamental of Electronics. Here my thirst for extensive knowledge on electronics rose again. I did some online courses to get a better understanding but I knew that was not enough. As a lecturer, I also took theoretical courses on Microprocessor & Interfacing, Computer Programming & application, Signals &
Systems and Electronics-I. This helped me to gain an in depth knowledge in each of these subjects and develop my communication skills as well. I also did two short course training on Radar Engineering and Avionics Engineering Lab. I was a member of the admission testof Dhaka Electric Supply Company Ltd (DESCO). I was in charge of an examination center with several staffs working under me. This experience helped me to learn how to work under immense pressure with utmost responsibility. I became a student member of IEEE and started to follow their online course “Introduction to Nanotechnology”. I started to download monthly electronic journals from there and studied the papers I found interesting. In the mean time, I did some independent research with a colleague of mine on a solar

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