Glen Events Solutions Case Study

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Within Glen events solutions, there are a variety of factors that need addressing, however, four of these are poor communication, lack of hardware and software, lack of procedures and lack of house styles and corporate image/identity.
Hardware and Software
At present, the company has three workstations, with a telephone and a computer which means at times there are not enough resources for the administrative staff to carry out their duties. There are Glen events solutions at present only used word processing software. Other options were previously investigated by Darren, but he wasn’t confident in this and did not go too far.
This issue would have to be resolved first in order for all the other factors to be resolved as they all
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At present within Glen events solutions, information isn’t getting passed on as there is a fairly informal approach regarding communication about events leading to errors in the workload. Also when Darren and Angelika are out of the office, queries aren’t getting replied to until they are back in the office as well as paperwork not being able to be complete.
Effective communication is essential for any business in order to succeed and can lead to increased sales, greater operational efficiency and a more motivated and satisfying company. Communication is the most important factor as without effective communication; Glen Events cannot implement new procedures and this project proposal will not be effective without this issue being overcome. However, this issue cannot be overcome without efficient hardware and software.
In order to overcome the communication issues, I will research online and using the college e-resources to find effective training methods.
Procedures for Allocating
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House-styles and Corporate Image/Identity
At present, there is no house-style guideline or no corporate image when sending out paperwork. This could cause confusion when sending paperwork as it’s not business protocol to not have a corporate image and every business has their own look, logo and way of doing things.
It is quite important for every business to have house-style guidelines to ensure everyone knows how to do things and the specific way the company expects things to be done. In regards to corporate image, this is essential as a way for a business to present themselves to clients and investors as well as their own employees. This could be through logo, colors and trademarks. This should be done last as the other three issues are more important and this cannot be resolved without effective communication and relevant software to produce these guidelines.

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