Kindergarten Experience Essay

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  • My Kindergarten Classroom Experience

    I was five years old when I encountered a situation that would change my view of the teacher to student relationship. I can still see the scenario played out in my head. I was the Spanish-speaking student, quiet, middle child, and longing to be acknowledged for my strengths. In Kindergarten, the teacher was insensitive and verbally abusive. It was then that I felt insignificant and misunderstood. I allowed that experience to serve as my foundation for several years. To protect myself from being hurt, I turned inward and remained quiet. Being so young, I knew where my path would take me. Today I am thankful that my past occurred the way it did because it propelled me into becoming a better person and helped form my education philosophy.…

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  • Papers On Early Childhood Education

    Miriam Beatriz Avelar Dr. Julie Shattuck EN 101 10 October 2016 Early Childhood Education When I started my school education in Kindergarten at the age of 5, it seemed as if my education had to fit a mold, where creativity was not part of the curriculum. It was as if learning, and how I learn was determined by a cookie cutter structure, my options at that time where non- existent, and not only for me but also for my parents. Education back then meant to learn by fear in that children were…

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  • Benefit Of Preschool Essay

    newfound developments. Through the different learning processes preschool offers these developments can continue to thrive and grow. Although some may argue that beginning school at the age of four is too young, research shows that preschool offers short term social-emotional, and cognitive benefits, as well as other long lasting benefits. Young kids throughout the United States should be required to attend preschool because of these various benefits. When a parent imagines their child’s…

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  • Kindergarten Transition Analysis

    Successful kindergarten transition means adjusting to a whole new structured environment on top of a more academically rigorous curriculum. A number of teachers reported that at least half of their children had trouble in the first few months of kindergarten in a number of different areas (Robinson & Diamond, 2014). Kindergarten readiness has changed since the national push for public prekindergarten programs throughout the nation (Hatcher, Nuner & Paulsel, 2012). There is a now a greater push…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Full Day Kindergarten

    It is clear that what is considered full day kindergarten is becoming the standard at an increasingly fast rate every year. Despite the rise in full day programs there are differing opinions about whether this is a good thing or not. There are those who support full day programs, those who do not, and those who say it doesn’t really matter which type of program children at the age of five are enrolled in. Full day kindergarten programs typically have the students at school for six hours…

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  • Full Day Kindergarten

    told you that in most states kindergarten is not mandatory? Unfortunately this is true. Many kids that are of kindergarten age are not required to go to school until 1st grade. If you’re like me, you can see a problem with this. “Early learning is extraordinarily important because we know that the sooner kids start learning, the better their chances of long-term academic success.” (Williams). There is so much learning that needs to take place at this age that when students do not attend…

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  • Essay About Preschool

    Pre-kindergarten programs and early childhood education is of the utmost importance to four year old children. At the age of four, children must have their minds engaged and developed cognitively. Cognitive development at early ages will stimulate children in their reasoning, problem solving and memory. Preschool environments can provide such stimulating experiences. According to “How Preschool Fights Poverty”, preschools have educational tools that could kick-start cognitive development-sets of…

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  • Evaluating Children's Language Development

    o As an ECE birth-5 major, I want to work as a preschool or kindergarten teacher. The ages of these children can range of 3-5 years of age. During this time, children are on Jean Piaget’s pre-operation stage. At this stage, the children a beginning to play symbolically as well as parallel to other children. At this age, the children are also very egocentric. This means that they only believe in their taught and can’t take on more than one concept at a time.  What developmental themes do…

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  • Early Childhood Education In New Zealand Analysis

    It is also Understood that there has been an endless interest in early childhood and education, and although quality of early childhood education provides a valuable experience for children, there still remains a concern over the provision of quality Early childhood education due to issues of funding. (Duhn,2009). Still there is no doubt that Education has and can still progress to become a tool to optimise the potential of a…

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  • All Day Kindergarten

    education. Ohio must require an all-day kindergarten program for all public elementary schools amongst Ohio. All-day kindergarten should be a public policy solution because kids in all-day kindergarten receive long-term academic benefits, and it allows children to advance themselves in both math and reading. The government must take action because allowing students to learn and study math and reading at an earlier age can help with a district’s performance. Public school districts (often urban…

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