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  • Fiction Sound Design

    The Use of Sound Design in Creating Fiction The crowd rustles, the jostling for seats rises and then slowly abates. Lights begin to dim, and a quiet stillness of anticipation palpably subdues the audience. After darkness and silence fills that space of minute eternity, sounds in orchestra escape into wanting ears and thus a sojourning through story, in the form of theatre, begins its irrepressible rein. Regardless of technology, or venue sophistication; regardless of social status or currently perceived historical precipice; regardless of the tale itself, the unfolding of events wraps the participants in a warm blanket of pure human familiarity and leads them into a new mythical now. There are many assets utilized to perpetuate this all…

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  • The Senses: The Audition Of Sound

    Sam Pollard The Senses (Journal) Audition A busy street. A jet in the sky. A child crying. These are just some of the millions of sounds that you encounter on a daily basis. But, how do these sounds go from one object to another? How do our ears work? How do we perceive sound and do we perceive sound differently than others? Even though we cannot see the inside of our ears to find out what is going on, we do know that hearing is triggered by certain physical stimuli. Pressure waves are one thing…

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  • Ambient Sound In Television

    television production can influence an audience to feel a certain way by complimenting visual references and creating mood, meaning and illusion through sound. Sound for a moving image also gives the production an opportunity for additional creative input and to help an audience understand the storyline in greater detail. In film, television and even radio, a soundtrack is made up of audio components that are all used together simultaneously to create effect. Typically in any production there…

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  • The Importance Of Sound In Music

    Sound is integral to the world; even in a quiet space there is very rarely the complete absence of sound. Often sound is related back to the daily activities of people, cars roaring down the streets or the bustling noise of the voices of a crowd. Sound is also commonly found to be a pleasant addition to daily life through music on the radio or through the sounds of animals and nature. However, the sound in certain locations can also offer a glimpse into the context of the space and illustrate…

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  • Sound And Music In Medicine

    The Role of Sound and Music in Medicine Touch, sight, taste, smell, and sound; these are the means in which we interact with the world. I ask the question; which one is more important? We have all been asked this before, but has it been given enough thought? Enough research and time? Obviously this is a loaded question, filled with more subjective thoughts and personal preferences than researchable facts. In any case; all the senses are instrumental in our perception of the world. The…

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  • Surround Sounds Research Paper

    Surround Sound One of the fun goodies we have obtained from the technological vending machine of science is surround sound. This three dimensional palette of aural bliss makes our movies more immersive, gives our music new depth and makes gaming more addicting than ever. When looking at the handful of speakers in a surround sound system, one could offer a rough guess at how all of those tones are delivered from every direction to envelop the listener. But what about getting Dolby Digital 5.1…

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  • Sound: A Periodic Wiggle In Time

    Sound is an amazing spectacle, it is a thing that is made up of vibrating waves that move up and down back and forth. Two ways to think of sound in a real life example are: 1st a slinky; the way it jiggles back and forth is much like how a sound wave can jiggle, 2ond a water wave; the way that the wave looks much like a squiggly horizontal line that is what sound waves act much like. A vibration, A.K.A the up and down slinky motion and the to and fro water wave motion, are called vibrations. A…

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  • Sound Waves Research Paper

    Acoustics is the branch of physics concerned with the study of sound. Sound is a wave made of vibrations in the air. Waves can be measured in a range of different ways: by their amplitude, wavelength, frequency, speed, and, at times, their phase. Sound information is transmitted by the amplitude and frequency of the vibrations, where the amplitude is experienced as loudness and frequency as pitch. The vibration is started by some mechanical movement and this causes a vibration on the molecules…

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  • Sound Proof Walls Essay

    What is the necessity of sound proof walls? Description: There is a greater necessity of sound proof walls and thus most of the house owners are going for the renovation of their traditional walls. You need to find out the most reliable and affordable option of acoustic walls. Are you planning to remodel your walls? Well, in that case you can choose the option of sound proof walls. These walls are also termed as acoustic walls. You can now make conversion of your traditional walls into acoustic…

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  • Mastery Of Sounds

    The earliest of studies for speech sounds has been studied intensively since the early 1930s. Studies concerning the acquisition of phonemes are used in clinical practice and serve as a guideline to a practicing clinician. The earliest of studies came from 1931 by Wellman, Case, Mengert and Bradbury. Following Wellman’s findings, other researchers found new material and listing different ages in comparison to Wellman’s research. Sander (1972) discusses the various individuals that contributed to…

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