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  • The Importance Of Being Fluent In English

    Foreign You can’t call yourself truly fluent in English, just because you can speak one-line English here and there. You are truly fluent in English only when you can speak English continuously. (Nair, 2005) At length, by giving supporting details, reasons, justifications, and illustrative examples of situations and events easily, clearly, confidently, without unwanted hesitations and by effectively managing all naturally occurring hesitations. This was proved in the book of Professor Kev Nair, “The father of fluency development” entitled “The Fluency-building Encyclopedia”. “Being able to say the right thing in the right context without hiccups is considered the hallmark of a good communicator.” He believed that achieving fluency in spoken language is not always easy. People often find it difficult to express their thoughts in verbal form than in writing it.…

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  • What Are The Importance Of Parties Essay

    discussed carefully before giving an opinion. Some people argue that celebrating their special events is very crucial for several reasons. Firstly , happy moments have to be memorized to give us hope in hard days. For example, birthday parties can motivate children and younger ones to do better and to feel determined . Secondly ,Some moments are really precious as it happens once in lifetime .For instance , Wedding parties .lets imagine a couple after 20 years of marriage and they`re…

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  • Eulogy For Grandmother

    me to learn more and since my 10th grade English teacher tried to make me give up on reading and writing by constantly bringing me down. I imagine my primary audience being my grandmother. Reason being is because my grandmother has always supported me in everything and anything I want to do. The reason I believe she would care about the content of my essay is because she raised me and has seen me struggle in the past because of reading and writing. Even though she wouldn’t understand what I’m…

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  • National Language In The United States

    Living in the United States you quickly realize that everyone speaks, writes and reads English. Other languages exist but clearly English is the main language in the United States by a good margin. Despite English clearly being the dominant language, United States has never picked an officially national language which is a questionable decision. It is the year 2016, were we established in 1776 and we still do not have a national language which is the reason for this writing which will touch on…

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  • Bilingual Education Vs English Immersion

    provided her the English skills she needed. Unfortunately, today Hannah cannot read, write nor speak fluent Swahili. The Bilingual program is a program designed for immigrant students who are learning English. There are two main types of bilingual programs; Bilingual Education and English Immersion. Bilingual Education is where students are taught both in their native language and English. English immersion is a monolingual communicative approach, where only English is used in a classroom. The…

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  • What Is The Importance Of English Essay

    English becomes the major language that I use in my daily life, however, when I was in elementary school, I thought the English course was unnecessary and defeat. In China, about in my fourth grade in elementary school, English became a required course, and it is as important as Chinese and Math lessons. Because during that time, the United States, Britain and other countries that English is their mother tongue, become the top world 's strongest countries, and that making English become the…

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  • Learning A Second Language

    and adults. Learning English as a child is different from learning it as an adult. Both ages have different reasons to learn and different ways therefore, teachers should have different approaches to teach them in order for them to learn and acquire the English as a second language. From their earliest age, children are capable of acquiring a first or a native language (L1) and a second language. Although they do not have any basics for the languages, they are able to communicate. Before…

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  • Importance Of English Essay

    internationally. English is today the biggest global language with more non-native speakers than native speakers. Because of all these different countries speaking English there are many varieties, such as British, Australian, South African, American. The English Language is constantly changing. Around the 1600 century the English language as we know it today was created. Before that the Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse, French and Latin contributed to shape the English language. In the medieval times…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Deaf Teacher

    the 10th grade exactly what I wanted to do in life. My future career goal is to be an English teacher for deaf students. My plan is based off of my interest in the deaf community and culture, my passion for English and love for helping people. Obviously my career is a very specific one, and it sparks many questions. My interest in American Sign Language started when I was in the second grade. My teenage brother, at the time, had unsuccessfully been taking an American Sign Language class which…

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  • Should People Learn Foreign Languages Essay

    Should People Learn Foreign Languages? In today’s world where information flows more freely, globalization is bringing people closer together. It is more important for people to be competent in other languages and form connections with a variety of people internationally to be even more successful. I believe there are many advantages to learning foreign languages. In Estonia it is mandatory to learn English and Russian in school and there is an option to choose a third one voluntarily in high…

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