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  • Chris Mccandless

    In the book, Into the Wild, Krakauer wrote about who was Chris McCandless or as he liked to call himself, Alex Supertramp. This is the same individual, however the difference between the names are the characteristics and personalities that fall beneath that. If you were to ask who was Alex Supertramp many would answer careless and full of wonder, but that is not what is being questioned. Chris McCandless was very similar. He viewed the world in a way Alex did, but Chris was more adventurous and determined for what his mind was set to. He would not let anyone get in his way. In a passage highlighted by Chris McCandless from Leo Tolstoy’s book, Family Happiness, explained the perspective he held in his mind as it stated, “I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love. I felt in myself a superabundance of energy which found no outlet in our quiet life”(13). He was always seeking adventure, however he didn’t know how he would reach that goal. Instead he believed the only way to satisfy himself was to begin a new world isolated from his family and others that surrounded him.…

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  • Chris Mccandless As A Hero Or Chris Mccandless Hero

    Aristotle once said, “Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.” Chris McCandless or “Alexander Supertramp”, as he referred to himself, was described as both. His controversial story left many people in awe and some in horror. Chris left the confines of his home to escape into the wilderness of Alaska. Chris McCandless died from starvation in a bus due to his lack of common knowledge and rash decision making. When he burned his money, abandoned his car, and changed his…

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  • Chris Mccandless Struggles

    a biography about Chris McCandless and the conflicts he faces on his way to Alaska. McCandless was against the way society lived and decided to leave his life and his family to live off the land. His goal was to get to live in the Alaskan wild, but on his way there he faced many conflicts and struggles. Throughout his journey to Alaska, young Chris McCandless faces many conflicts with his family, society, and nature. Chris McCandless’ family always wanted him to conform to society, causing them…

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  • Chris Mccandless Characteristics

    something and one who actually does it. In many cases people never do what they claim they’re going to do but in Chris McCandless story it was different. Chris McCandless wasn't your typical man, he was a man who believed that everyone should go out and experience the beautiful things in life. McCandless was a man who actually went out and pursued his dream of getting to Alaska, and lived his life the way he wanted to. He was a determined, stubborn, and intelligent man who left his life back at…

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  • The Morality Of Chris Mccandless

    Chris McCandless died alone in the Alaskan wild while living completely off of the land. “Some readers admired the boy immensely for his courage and noble ideals:” while “: others fulminated that he was a reckless idiot, a wacko, a narcissist who perished out of arrogance and stupidity-and was undeserving of the considerable media attention he received” (Krakauer xi). These quotes represent the feelings of many who read Into The Wild, but most people ignore the important aspects of Chris…

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  • Reflection On Chris Mccandless

    When thinking about Chris McCandless people tend to think differently of him. A majority would call him crazy and stupid for not supplying himself with more items to bring along to the Alaskan wilderness. There were others who think he was sane and was just trying to prove himself or to the world who he was and what he can do. Even Jon Krakauer mentions in his book that he didn’t know who Chris Mccandless really was, that it was hard to put a finger on it, but he knew he was sane to say the…

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  • Into The Wild: Chris Mccandless

    have a ton of fun. My experiences were fun but not risky and stunning voyages like three remarkable men who really live in nature. Chris McCandless yet change his name to Alexander Supertramp,a talented man who left his ordinary life to accomplish his fantasy of living in Alaska. Timothy Treadwell was a moderately aged man who had gone through 13 summers living with grizzlies ' bears. Aron Ralston a man who left his parents and quit his job to go in Aspen, Colorado in order to pursue a life of…

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  • Chris Mccandless Selfish

    story about a young man named Chris McCandless on an adventure to Alaska. From the beginning we as the reader know that Chris does not survive. Chris seemed to survive well, until he reached the wilderness of Alaska consequently. Meeting new people, having them house him, feed him, give him work. His intelligence, lacked in the wilderness, moreover, his common sense wasn't the best either. Chris McCandless was both intelligent, but he was also lacking common sense, he also enjoyed people but…

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  • Chris Mccandless Into The Wild

    Into the Wild, written by Jon Krakauer, is a book about a young, brave, and adventurous man Chris McCandless. McCandless travels all of the United States before eventually making his last treacherous journey into the Alaskan Bush. What Chris McCandless does not know before going into the Alaskan Bush is that it would soon lead to his slow, cold, and lonely death. Chris McCandless was portrayed with many different characteristics of himself in the book Into the Wild, but mainly his drive for…

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  • Similarities Between Mccandless And Chris Mccandless

    good simple life. In the book Into the Wild by Krakauer, Chris McCandless had everything a young boy would want but for Chris McCandless the things he had in life wasn’t what he wanted in order to be happy. Chris McCandless wanted to be far, far away from society. He felt like he was being surrounded from society he didn’t really cared about it all he wanted was to walk into the wild. McCandless shares some similarities with Leo Tolstoy because they both grew up with healthy financially lives.…

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