What is Illegal Logging Essay

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  • Tribal Communities

    be enough; specific communities have been forced to take aggressive measures. The Amazon Basin and its forests are said to be in danger from ventures such as hydroelectric dams, and more specifically, illegal logging. The Ka’apor Indians, an indigenous society in Northern Brazil, have made a stand to try to stop illegal logging in their area. This community is a tribe of an estimated 2,200 people who are fighting for their forest as a militia with aggressive confrontation. As for the illegal activity in the past, the government hasn’t been able to control or stop it. However, the Ka’apor are willing to risk their lives. This aggressiveness doesn’t come without consequence. The loggers and drivers have been warned by the Ka’apor to not return to their territory. Those that do enter the area are said to be stripped and beaten. However, the Ka’apor have lost 4 of their members from murder and have received numerous death threats. This community hasn’t…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Human Vices

    Sagoff believes that resources like oil are less expensive and more abundant then they used to be. He says that the world energy council has declared the fears of resource depletion to be unfounded. According to Sagoff’s reasoning, society should not worry about running out of trees because there will always be more (83-86). The image to above shows the data found by BBC when the organization looked at the earth’s depleting resources. The image shows multiple resources like the Amazon…

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  • Importance Of Orangutans

    includes aspects like deforestation, palm oil plantation and illegal logging; whereas the latter includes aspects like forest fires, which is primarily associated with the rapid spread of oil palm plantations, illegal hunting and trade. Over the last several years, timber companies, having business interests in furniture, paper wood, pulp,…

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  • Deforestation Research Paper

    “likely prove what 's best for both man and nature.” (Rothbard and Rucker) This is a true and very interesting point of view to think that if things are supplied on a need to be basis, things would be more regulated. This is something that the “exaggerated” environmentalists haven’t considered, but it is only in the good interest of the environment and the sake of…

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  • Three Toed Sloth Research Paper

    of the rainforest, is the reality of extinction. The population of the Three-toed sloth started to decline around the 1970s due in large part to major logging companies coming in and cutting down trees…

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  • Gorillas And Ebola Rainforest

    Gorillas are 400lb beasts that’s walk on all fours in the jungles and mountains. They typically live in groups of 6 to 30. Gorillas move around during the day and feed on vegetation. These animals are also very calm and persistent. Female Gorillas give birth about every four years. Mating season is all year round. Although the life expectancy is about 35 years for these bad boys, there population is decreasing. The gorilla population has gone down do to poachers, pathogens, and decreasing…

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  • Deforestation Essay: A World Without Forests Is Unimaginable

    their inhabitants, and the earth in which we live. However, recent studies reveal that deforestation has diminished nearly three-quarters of tropical rainforests within the past decade. A world without forests is quickly becoming reality. Deforestation refers to a large area of trees and the surrounding environment being cut down at once. This is a common process used throughout our world as a way to provide more land, food, and resources for nearby civilizations. The government usually…

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  • Environmental Changes In Latin America

    The environment In latin America needs to be our number one priority because illegal and some legal jobs are destroying the ecosystem and causing animals to go extinct. People are desperate for money and jobs but that is not a reason to destroy all of their natural resources. They are using natural resources at a rate higher than ever before. Ecosystems in Latin america are dying off because the things that they need to survive are being sold as profit or there homes are being turned into crop…

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  • Causes And Consequences Of Deforestation

    remains disturbingly high in others and a serious threat to our world’s most precious forests still remains. As humanity continues to expand, agricultural products, such as soy and palm oil, are used to make numerous amounts of different products. One cause of deforestation is illegal logging; illegal logging happens globally and is more common than the legal variety. Although, there are national laws to regulate the production and trade of timber products, these laws can be violated in many…

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  • Causes And Forms Of Environmental Pollution In Indonesia

    Not only does air pollution cause 16,000 premature deaths a year in Indonesia alone (Sugiarto accessed 11/29/14) but in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta it has recently become the number one cause of death (Setiogi 2003). With Jakarta’s population growing at a substantial rate it is hard to imagine life or the environment in Jakarta getting any better. All of these alarming facts needs to trigger something in the minds of people living in these environments. There is no excuse, consideration for the…

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